Cooking Mama 2 Brings Free Tupperware

Kotaku writes:

What happens when companies make boatloads yachtloads of money off of relatively simple to program DS games? They make sequels, and sometimes, they pass out free 50's Tupperware, too. Japanese pre-orders of Cooking Mama 2 will include some sweet retro Tupperware that's loaded with plastic fruits and veggies.

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Mr Tretton3864d ago

If there is anything we regret at SCE, it's not getting a exclusive on Cooking Mama.

argh, well, there's always next gen.

Cyrus3653864d ago

Wow though tupper wear bonus, how big is the size of the game box gonna be? Seeing how small in general DS Boxes are.

RecSpec3864d ago

I think this is pretty cool, but it's still a bit weird.

But hey, it's a lot better than the Harvest Moon hoe (FALSE ADVERTISING!!)

Cyrus3653864d ago

LOL what were you expecting?

Cyrus3653863d ago

And why tupperware, can it atleast hold the DS and games for easy storage!