Nintendo thinks Xbox 360 SmartGlass is “flattering”

The moment Microsoft announced the SmartGlass functionality for the Xbox 360 at their E3 conference earlier this month, people started comparing it to how the Wii U and its controller connect and work. Nintendo’s also doing the same, in fact doing on to say that it is flattering to see that people are following them in adopting technologies so quickly.

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TheGamingArt2374d ago

Wow, way to mislead the consumers. Tech like Remote Play and Smart Glass aren't created within a year (aka the time the Wii U was announced). It's ridiculous to think that they are 'following' in Nintendo's footsteps with this. Arrogant pricks.

ronin4life2374d ago

I kind of think the Gaming applications of SG shown at e3 were thrown together after the wiiu was unveiled. Otherwise, one would think there would be a little more there

nintendojunkie282374d ago

It's quite obvious it was thrown together.GamingArt is just in denial.

live2play2374d ago ShowReplies(1)
live2play2374d ago

nintendo has been "flattered" alot

modnation racers
little big planet karting
ps allstars
touchsceen on the vita
AR on vita and camera

yup very flattered

Skateboard2374d ago

When I'm competing with someone I like to beat them at their own game : )

Hicken2374d ago

The Move concept is as old as the Wii concept, if not older(and Sony actually owns the patents, instead of just licensing it like Nintendo). And the Kinect is more based off of the Eyetoy than the Move.

MNR and LBPK are kart racers. So? Both provide the type of customizable experience Mario Kart never has, and likely never will. I'm also fairly certain Mario Kart wasn't the first kart game, and it being "best" is arguable.

Likewise, PS All Stars is inspired by SSB, but SSB is not the first game in the genre. It's already gotten old that people still try to argue this.

SmartGlass seems far more like AppleTV with Wii U functions than the other way around, and such things have been in development by various companies for years before the Wii U.

The Vita's touchscreen is more an answer to smartphones and tablets than to... what, the DS and 3DS? The one-touch function of the Wii U's controller is a step backwards, in this respect, as I seem to recall even my DS being able to track multiple touch points at once.

Nintendo is also not the first to do AR, in gaming or otherwise, so I don't see why the Vita's use of said feature would be flattering to them.

It's nice that you support Nintendo. But if you're going to attribute things to them, make sure it's something they actually DESERVE recognition for.

Salamander2374d ago

You Raise good points Hickzy, but regardless of whether or not they created it first i reckon they made some of those mainstream-

Motion Gameplay
Mario Kart
and quite possibly screens on controllers.

Which Makes me wonder if not for Nintendos successes would we have even seen the likes of MNR or PS all stars or even perhaps, PSP.

BitbyDeath2374d ago

No they really haven't

Wii motion controls - Eye Toy (PS2)
Mario Kart - Professional Go-Kart (Commodore 64)
Smash Brothers - (Will give you that one)
Wii Tablet - Gran Turismo HD/Formula 1 (PSP)
Touchscreen - Mobile phones
AR - Eye of Judgement (PS3)

These are just some examples and likely go back even further. I like Nintendo as much as the next guy but stop making stuff up.

Skateboard2374d ago

Nintendo fanboys calling everyone a copy cat. Its getting really annoying.

Slowbrosef2374d ago

the truth annoys me too.

militant072374d ago

Last time I checked, Sony did this first with the original PS3 and PSP.

Skateboard2374d ago

Inbe4gamecube and gba. Anyone whining about this needs to not take it so personal, LOL.

live2play2374d ago

hahahs skateboard i wish you had more bubbles

Wintersun6162374d ago


I wish you had less bubbles. Looking at your comment history, all you do is hate on Sony. And you don't even try to hide it behind attempts of forming long sentences and using logic like that other troll with 5 bubbles does.

shackdaddy2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Actually gameboy and the gamecube did it before the psp and ps3 even existed...

Edit: @skateboard No one is whinning. Hes wrong....

yabhero2374d ago

Ugh... I'll admit the idea is not original but I can tell you now, neither the PS3/PSP combo or the PS3/Vita will be as advanced or get the same support. I love Nintendo AND Sony but people need to stop pretending this novelty PS3 feature is going to compete with a dedicated controller.

Vickistheman2374d ago

In other news, Apple and Samsung think the WiiU gamepad is pretty cute.

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