Congressmen tell ITC to lay off Microsoft in Xbox patent litigation

If the ITC didn't enjoy being told what to do by the FTC, it's probably less thrilled that Congress (and Apple) has joined in. The ITC found that the Xbox 360 violated four of Motorola's patents back in April, and when a final ruling is made, could see the console banned from sale. Several members of the chamber have voiced their disapproval of any such ban, with similar words of support coming from Apple's lawyers, accusing Motorola of abusing FRAND patents. After this deluge of letters, we're half expecting ITC chief Deanna Okun to start shouting "Don't tell me what I can't do!" at passers-by.

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cstyle2378d ago

It will be a cold day in hell when MS lets this stop them from selling consoles in the largest and most important market.

gaden_malak2378d ago

MS might not have a choice in the matter.

cstyle2378d ago

With xbox over 7 years on the way they can lose this.

ExPresident2378d ago


Money rules business and Microsoft has plenty. The only thing that will end up being discussed in the end is what they are willing to pay.

BattleAxe2378d ago

People around the world hate how China disregards American, Canadian and European Patents, so why should there be a double standard for Microsoft?

shoddy2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I guess rule only apply for some and the other in power they can do what ever they want.

Justice don't exist in this world.

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gamingviking2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

ITC will probably not ban the XBox 360, but will force Motorola to license the tech to MS at a reasonable price (I mean, asking an annual $4 billion is way too much for any company to handle). It is a FRAND patent, after all. I mean, why discriminate one company by charging them such a ludicrous amount while charging others just a few cents per unit?

Hicken2378d ago

If Microsoft paid up in the first place, this wouldn't be an issue. I certainly hope the ITC doesn't back down because people are pressuring them in this. Frankly put, Microsoft was in the wrong. They went from paying the licensing fees to no longer paying, while still using the licensed technology.

I don't hope the 360 gets banned from being sold, as that's bad for gaming. But I DO hope Microsoft faces some stiff fees for this.

ExPresident2378d ago

I concur...they are clearly reaping the benefits of using the tech and what not.

hellvaguy2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Patent issues dont usually ever involve right or wrong or other such morality issues.

Its generally one company saying anothers product represents something they patented in someway. Aka Apple suing Samsung and HTC for making rectangular shaped cell phones.

Patriots_Pride2378d ago

If you owned a company and Moto was charging you $4 billion annually and they were charging other people wayyyyyyy less would you pay?

Hicken2378d ago

... your reading comprehension needs work.

Microsoft WAS paying. And they were paying the same thing everybody else was paying.

Then they decided NOT to pay. They didn't stop using the licensed technology, but they stopped paying.

Now that Motorola wants MORE money, they're in the wrong?

@hellvaguy: Not this time. The patent is one that Microsoft and other companies have, for years, paid for, and at the same given rate. In other words, Microsoft and others have already recognized the patent as belonging to Motorola; it's not comparable to some frivolous suit by Apple.

ALLWRONG2378d ago

Hicken, the true reason you want the 360 banned is because you think it will be good for the console you support.

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khan_saab2378d ago

the economy and everything else should be irrelevant to the decision made by the ITC. this here is simply a legal matter. a patent that has been filed with and recognized by the United States has been violated and infringed upon. when a wrong is done, a right must be done to resolve the issue and if that means to put a halt to the benefits that are being received then so be it.

we should not allow our different levels of governments to interfere with each other like this, and to see the ITC give in to these pressures then it would be a dark day for our legal system and send a message around the world that the american free market is more free for those who are american.

Neko_Mega2378d ago

Why does everyone thinks Microsoft has alots of money? I'm sorry but Microsoft isn't as big as they use to be, plus I think theirs more to this then what has been said.

Even if it happens, Microsoft can remove what ever is needed to keep 360 around or they can just make the new Xbox.

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