Square Enix Finally Sheds Details on Dragon Quest X' 'Kids Time'

"As details for Square Enix's upcoming Wii/WiiU MMORPG Dragon Quest X started pouring in, the developers revealed that the game would have a special 'Kids Time' that would allow users to play for free. This being the first Dragon Quest game to require a subscription fee and a constant online connection, it's a pretty big deal that SE is going to give players free time. The problem is that we had no clear idea of when this period would be or how long it was going to be. Fortunately, we now know."

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jc485731957d ago

better than paying a damn subscription fee. I just hope no one signs up for it and just play kids time instead.

PygmelionHunter1957d ago

I still think it's gonna be free outside Japan, they would be nuts if it wasn't.

badz1491956d ago

they came and went by but FFvsXIII is still nowhere to be seen and the gen is almost over! shovelware confirmed?

1957d ago
MassRunner1957d ago

Will this game feature an offline campaign?

Tsuru1957d ago

"require a subscription fee and a constant online connection"

Godmars2901957d ago

The wonderful future of gaming...

I wonder if they're going to have nerve enough to ask $50-$60 on top of the subscription if they bring it out of Japan. Given that its not as popular in the West.

DarkBlood1957d ago

i believe its going to be free to play out here in the west though

remeber reading about that around here before

badz1491956d ago

what future? what part of MMORPG that you not get?

Stephen55431957d ago

Actually they said a while back that there is some small things that you will be able to do while not connected to the internet, but I don't remember the specifics. I doubt you will be able to play the full game though.

jc485731957d ago

they're extremely confusing. I don't even understand what they're trying to do with this game.

Chrono1957d ago

It's not even confirmed to be released outside Japan yet.