E3 2012: Hands-on Dishonored Preview (

The good folks at Bethesda and Arkane Studios have given us another reason to write a Hands-on article from E3 2012. This time the game we are looking at is a new IP that features distinct artwork and an interesting take on the redundant FPS genre. This time instead of running and gunning you are tasked with playing a stealth action game that features supernatural powers. It also allows players different options to play the game so if you want… yes you can go guns a blazing. But if you want to take your time go nice and slow and not alert any guards, and kill some in very gruesome ways then this game is for you!

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TheSuperior 2138d ago

This game puzzles me idk if I should like it or hate it. Any guidance lol


Did you play the demo at e3?

TheGrimBunny2137d ago

This game could go both ways, it sounds amazing! but you never know.