First Concept Art For Limbo Sequel

"Gaming Enthusiast." Many of you may have fond memories of playing the original Limbo, just as I do personally.

Well this next image may be just what you have been waiting for, the first bit of concept art for the sequel to limbo has surfaced!

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Tikicobra1927d ago

Fond memories? The game is like a year old.

Jio1927d ago

It feels like it's been a lot longer.

Menashe1926d ago

July 21, 2010. Seems like two years to me.

NYC_Gamer1927d ago

I would love to play more Limbo since its one of the best indie games this gen

r211927d ago

wow, if the sequel looks like the concept art, i might buy it :D

Menashe1927d ago

It looks very moody and atmospheric. Can't wait for what they have in store.