Starhawk 1.02 Balance Patch Now Live

Lightbox Interactive has released the first balancing patch for its third person build and battle title, Starhawk. The patch is aimed to fix many issues such as weapon respawns and damage.

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Abash2343d ago

Awesome changes, everyone who wants an addicting and refreshing multiplayer experience should get this game

ThatIrishGamer2343d ago

The two pages of server list who still play this game will be pleased.

The rest of us got fed up of either completely dominating someone base (sitting inside it with the other guys having no spawn protection at all as they spawn in front of you defenceless) or the opposite.

Perhaps LBI can take this massive failure as a hint that game balance is slightly important if you want players to stick around.

Capt-FuzzyPants2343d ago

If you played for more than 4 days then you would know that that actually doesn't happen much anymore. You're team has to be seriously lacking in numbers or half retarted fro that to happen to a team anymore.

MrDead2343d ago

This game is not for people that want instant gratification without putting the hours in. You have to stick at it to get anywhere; it will take about 2-3 weeks of being ripped apart before you feel that you’re making a difference. Most important thing is to work as a team, this game is not for quitters. I don't think I've played any multiplayer game that’s more rewarding than this.

This game will be continually supported and tweaked like Warhawk and the best thing is the DLC is free.

SCARE-KRO2343d ago

Update 1.02.004 now LIVE!
They have worked on 1.02 since it has been out - 4 times to be exact. There were 3 fixes in the last 3 days... LBI will continue to support this game and actually fix problems that the community have identified.

It is terrible that people these days are becoming accustomed to getting everything they want - straight away. Life doesn't work this way. You ain't gonna earn $60,000 straight out of school and you aren't going to become a Rockstar overnight. Work hard at something then enjoy the benefits that the hard work brings. Current generation of teenagers and gamers are a bunch of whining sooks bought up on the instant-gratification (low skill required to succeed) COD games. Harden the f**k up.