Microsoft Set to Unveil Something ‘Major’ on Monday

Well, this is intriguing.

Mashable just got an exclusive invite to a major Microsoft “Media Event” for June 18 in Los Angeles.

Nothing else — and we mean nothing — is known about the 3:30 p.m. event (more details, including the venue, should arrive by early Monday morning), but all indications are that this is not your typical Microsoft product unveiling. In fact, Microsoft is making it 100% clear that this is big:

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dubt722079d ago

C'mon, I love MS, but that's funny!

SuperLupe2079d ago

Wow what isnt funny for you then ?

b163o12078d ago

Rear view Kinect, the camera that watches your tv...

iamnsuperman2078d ago

I am not sure why this was submitted. Lets use are brains here. With E3 not so long ago it is very (and I would go as far as to say impossible) gaming related. It is more likely non gaming related. I say something about WIndows 8 or a new product. It could also be the new hotmail that was leaked. If the leak was true that was a major upgrade

Wenis2078d ago

Well a Windows 8 thingy could technically be gaming related depending on how you look at it

Nevers2078d ago

Something 'Major' ??

... can always hope it's the retirement of the awkward Major Nelson. That guy has only gotten more and more annoying to me over the years.

spicelicka2078d ago

THIS IS BULL PPL, it's a microsoft announcement, nothing xbox related.

Don't expect shittttt about gaming.

No FanS Land2078d ago


It could very well be the next xbox, microsoft would have all the spots on, no one to steal the storm. But I still think it would be silly, with Halo 4 looming around the corner.

also, MS will not attend Gamescon or TGS (though it was obvious for TGS)

sikbeta2078d ago

Next Gen is here people! woohoo!!! *hopes for XBX3 announcement*

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dark-hollow2079d ago

Ain't that original!
did you come up with it by yourself?

mewhy322078d ago

LOL dark-hollow.

Not sure what it is but let's hope it's something better than what I saw at E3.

xAlmostPro2078d ago

I love how everyone here is assuming it's gaming related(despite it being posted here).

Mashable got first invite, gaming is not a top priority of Mashable it's most likely windows/PC/mobile related.

However it is slightly weird that they aren't attending TGS or Gamescom and do this. Hmm

Persistantthug2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Featuring Chris Brown.

xCaptainAmazing2078d ago

LOL this is so bad I love it.

Skate-AK2078d ago

It's a Final Fight spin off.

Acquiescence2078d ago

There's nothing funny about domestic abuse, and there's certainly nothing funny about Rihanna getting beaten up by her fella...








masa20092078d ago

Chris Brown, Test Your Might!

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fermcr2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

"Microsoft Set to Unveil Something ‘Major’ on Monday"

Ads on Skype.

Ads on Windows 8.

Ads on Windows Mobile.

StrongMan2078d ago

Kinectimals: Now with giraffes?

ALLWRONG2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

People with Playstation avatars that do nothing but talk about Xbox. You guys lurk the pending news so you can be the first to pounce? Wonder why PS3 games don't sell? that's because it's fanbase does nothing but talk about Xbox all day. Seriously, some of you comment here hundreds of times a day complaining about MS. You guys actually ever click the PS3 tab, or do you set your homepage to Xbox?

stage882078d ago

You're username says it all...

avengers19782078d ago

Seeing as MS is what most people run on there PC, Doesn't major news from Microsoft effect a lot of people, even possible non-gamers.

Wigriff2078d ago

I don't care what anyone else says, that was funny.

andibandit2078d ago

Gotta love this site, the author added "Something Major" and by monday N4G will have it hyped up to the Xbox720.

well at least that would be the case if the headlines had said "Sony"

2078d ago
GuyThatPlaysGames2078d ago

Let the *unrealistic* speculations begin

OhMyGandhi2078d ago

I was thinking "Kinect for Car"

Silly Mammo2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Maybe MS is announcing they are the major sponsor of Usher's Tour?

Moentjers2078d ago

My guess ? an iPad Killer... thy finally got their shit together !

Chicago85062078d ago

My guess is it's a new Tablet to compete directly with Apple's iPAD. Atleast a source has hinted @ it.

Game on.

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OneAboveAll2079d ago

If it's not a new console then it's not relevant.

gaffyh2078d ago

I doubt it's even gaming related.

PandemicPrawn02079d ago

My guess?

Microsoft just acquired Nokia.

aviator1892079d ago

MS actually turned them down after looking at their financials.

psp2roundup2078d ago

Rumored to be buying Yammer (social enterprise stuff) -

But this sounds rather bigger than a mere $1B buyout

ALLWRONG2078d ago

People have been wondering about that for a couple years now. THQ is in trouble and will probably need someone to bail them out, or a miracle game.

Laxman2078d ago

As much as I dont think that would happen, that would be amazing for Microsoft, as the amount of solid IP's that would then be console exclusive would be a much needed boost to their game selection;

Metro, Homefront, Darksiders, Saints Row, Red Faction, Warhammer, WWE

killerhog2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

I know for a fact THQ only has the license to use the WwE franchise and do not own it. If MS buys THQ it doesn't mean WWE is now Xbox exclusive.

Also I don't know if THQ owns most those IPs. I believe one of THQs incentives for developers was that they [developers] can keep thier IPs. So if I'm correct it means MS would have to buy those specific studios. Then again, those studios can repudiate Ms and go else were.

Laxman2077d ago

Ah okay, didnt know that about WWE.

But THQ they own Vigil (Darksiders), Volition (Red Faction, Saints Row) and Relic (Warhammer, Company of Heroes).

jvanik2078d ago

Why is there an M in there?

SilentNegotiator2078d ago

SS Mario Brothers? Oh boy, the darker tale of the Mario paisanos.

Dovahkiin2078d ago

Super Smash Mos Brelee.

ginsunuva2078d ago

Master Chief Pro Skater X