Why Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Aren't on 3DS

The core Pokemon franchise has always been a little predictable. Upon the release of Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version, many fans of Nintendo's long-running series expected a single entry along the lines of Pokemon Grey, and even hypothesized that version would arrive on the Nintendo 3DS.

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Ramon3MR2169d ago

They're not on the 3DS because there's already a HUGE install base of younger players on the DS, so why force them to buy a new handheld when they can just sell boatloads of software.

Instigator2169d ago

True, but a 3DS game would propel sales of the handheld to new heights if earlier installments are any indication. Pokemon is one of the biggest system sellers Nintendo has.

dark-hollow2169d ago

They aren't because they are the sequels to B&We on the ds.

I mean come on people! Is this the first time they did that?

They did the same with ruby and sapphire games when they released it sequel pokemon emerald on the gameboy advance even though the ds was released at the time.

NastyLeftHook02169d ago

i want pokemon black on the 3ds, older game but sooo fun.

LiamIRL822169d ago

I don't know why Nintendo are putting these games out. Everybody wants a 3ds version.

Y_51502169d ago

I can see why it should be on both the 3DS and DS.
1. More profit for the big N
2. Black and White versions were for the DS
I think we'll see a Ruby/Safire remake for the 3DS! :)

Y_51502169d ago

I meant that as it's being made for the DS but it still can be played on the 3DS if anyone gets confused.

Instigator2169d ago

A 3DS game would compell me to buy a 3DS even though I've been holding out for a remodel, but it's good to see that Nintendo is supporting their last gen handheld over a year after the 3DS launched.

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