UK government plans to track what you're playing

All UK communication companies, under the proposed legislation, will be obliged to keep records of all sites that users visited for at least a year. Categories that could be retained include information about social network usage, webmail, Skype calls, and gaming.

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Snookies121864d ago

Woooow, that sucks for UKers, seriously... What the hell?

CommonSense1863d ago

the US and the UK are racing to see who can have the biggest police state. don't worry, this will come to the US soon enough (if it's not already here). this information is already stored by MS and Sony anyway.

Amazingmrbrock1863d ago

The ms e3 conference this year seemed strangely like american pro military occupation propaganda. Or at least very pro war.

Zuperman1863d ago

Who cares if the Government plans to track on what your playing, I don't care if they see me play the Last Of Us in the near future ;)

its not like my PSN friends know what I'm playing right now.

not Call Of Duty.

joab7771863d ago

We may as well make it official & have a national funeral for the constitution. We r living so far outside its bounds that its simply being used as a symbol and nothing else. Its too bad because it was possibly the greatest experiment known to man.

andibandit1863d ago


Yes of course "The Last of Us" wont seem out of order, but what happens when the government catches you playing "Wonderbook - Book of spells" 10 hours in a row.

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TheLyonKing1863d ago

depends I am from the UK, But my prefrence is offline gaming so they can't see what I am playing. The last time I played online was lbp.

However this has come up agaisnt stiff critism and even though the government say its needed to catch criminals etc no one will like this as it breaks privacy laws as well and given the governments recent track record of scarpping laws such as the recent pasty tax they might be willing to back down on this.

Stupid conservatives.

BlmThug1863d ago

@ Zuperman You are the kind of retard that lets the government think its alright to do this

The_Blue1863d ago

Sipping tea and plotting against freedom one game at a time.

Hufandpuf1863d ago

I think the UK needs some encouragement:

MattS1863d ago

Time to pull out the Mel Gibson Freedom pictures.

Fierce Musashi1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Hm..... I will not say much on this, only that things like this is happening everywhere. If not now, certainly soon enough.

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The story is too old to be commented.