Angry 'Mass Effect' fans provide argument: Video games are not true artforms | BGMediaReview

With the final installment of the popular space trilogy released, developer BioWare has added a chapter to the “games-as-art debate.” Even if they don’t intend to, it’s the irate “Mass Effect” fans who are arguing games can’t be art.

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MAiKU2170d ago

Tell that to the Smithsonian and highly educated people who own and direct their museums/exhibits.

Amazingmrbrock2170d ago

Right now? No not really. Although for a great analogy look at the history of movies.

Even though we've lost most of the movies from the beginning of the last century the ones that are still around are good examples. There are some films from the 20's and 30's on netflix. They were all pretty basic rudimentary films.

Now I'm not saying games are way back at that stage, we're probably closer to being in the 40's or 50's era.

So what I'm saying by this is that video games are still a crude art form. It's building into something great but we're not quite there yet. Soon we'll start getting our dirty harry's and star treks, and eventually we'll get into making successful big budget remakes of classic novels. One day we may even get to the stage where novels have been at for years.

Ethereal2169d ago

A shinning example of pure art. I will always consider gaming a artistic medium.

ninjahunter2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

._. I would consider video games every medium of art wrapped around what some people refer to as gameplay.
Also, im fairly certain by law, video game development is considered art, at least in the USA.

megaworm252170d ago

art is in the eye of the beholder

joab7772170d ago is an expression of oneself. It gets dicey when the sole motivation becomes profit. But, it can be art to the creator and a commodity to the owner. Anyway, the only way mass effect 3 could bother someone so much is if they either have a mental issue or they absolutely love the universe so much that the ending actually bothered them. In the latter case, u r amongst so many whose hearts have been broken by a book or movie because it was shocking, it was a letdown or simply because it ended. The real problem is that bioware created such a personal story that ppl began to believe it was theirs to tell. Be happy that u were able to experience it. Its better to have loved and lost...or go get ur heads checked.

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The story is too old to be commented.