The 25 Vita games you might have missed at E3 2012


Hey, so remember when Sony had its E3 2012 press conference and forgot to mention the 25 Vita games on the show floor? Well we remember, and we dug up the details on all those fine titles.
So here they are, all in one place, the 25 "mystery" titles being demoed at E3. So even if Sony really only plugged the Assassin's Creed III Liberation Vita bundle, there are plenty of other great titles on the way, and here's the proof.

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MasterCornholio2195d ago

So you claim that Sony only had 6 games for the vita at E3.

Please explain yourself.


Rob9462195d ago

He means that these aren't 25 games we missed, we knew about loads of these, we may of missed about 6.

xAlmostPro2195d ago

Actually it's because there's only 6 at this page. Where as there is 25 if you actually go to the article :P

Stuart57562195d ago

Thanks Rob946 for clearing things up for me.

Hicken2195d ago

25 or 6 to 4?

On topic: the title says "25 Vita games you might have missed at E3." Not "25 Vita games you probably didn't know about before E3."

MySwordIsHeavenly2195d ago

Anyone else playing TONS of Gravity Rush this week?!? It's freaking amazing!

CommonSenseGamer2195d ago

Given its a fairly solid game for the Vita I would have expected better sales numbers.

MySwordIsHeavenly2195d ago

I didn't expect it to sell incredibly well. It's a very niche title and one that nobody knows about. That being said, ten of my friends now own it. Lol.

Hicken2195d ago

So what ARE the two day sales totals? And what WERE you expecting them to be, instead?

Sanquine902195d ago

I would love to play gravity rush. However , to busy:(