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PSU Exclusive: 2 Days 2 Vegas in 2 Days

Starting on Monday, PSU will be releasing new details and media for 2 Days 2 Vegas, a highly anticipated title for the PlayStation 3 and PC. Combining large full scale cities, realistic AI simulation, and life-like visuals, 2 Days 2 Vegas should be a top competitor for the best sandbox action/adventure. (2 Days to Vegas, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Nicosia  +   2784d ago
PSU guys, i love these guys

''When we talked with Edwin Loo, the games producer, last year at GDC 07, we were told that every city in the game will be modeled after its true likeness''. I have always suspected them of rehasing old stuff into new stuff, but i am seeing it more and more. Prove me wong guys.
NoUseMerc  +   2784d ago
Some of the info is rehased to give the readers a refresher on the games storyline and details that have been released since its first announcement.

Don't worry though, PSU has some new info and then the new screenshots and video that they will show on Monday and Tuesday.
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TheExecutive  +   2784d ago
hey nouse when you guys gonna need some more writers?
Nicosia  +   2784d ago
@NoUseMerc: The intervieuws you guys do are kinda rehased tough, when i read them i highly doubt there real. I have suspected you guys before, always u are the first guy to comment me. Don't fuss so much ok? if it legit its legit... don't get defensive :p
NoUseMerc  +   2784d ago
I wasn't in a fuss
I was just explaining what was going on...its no biggie.
sonarus  +   2784d ago
they talk about this game like its exclusive to ps3 and pc. The way they talk about blu ray and what not. I am pretty sure this game was announced for 360 too. regardless if it looks better on ps3 or becomes ps3 exclusive jst joins the list of ps3 exclusive games coming out this yr. personally i am not the biggest fan of sandbox games so i probably won't buy it but i will buy at least 1 or 2 sandbox games this yr. I use them to just play around dnt really get into the story too much jst run around and do crazy stuff
marinelife9  +   2784d ago
When they first released screen shots of this game a couple of years ago everyone thought that pics were too good to be true. What a difference a few years makes.

Steel Monkeys always said they wanted the game completely done before they went to a publisher so they wouldn't have to compromise their artistic integrity. Blu-Ray helps them keep that integrity.

It blows away GTAIV graphics.

If Sony likes what they see I'm sure they'll pick it up as publisher but if it's going to be a flop I doubt if Sony will spend the money.
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zambrota  +   2784d ago
This is an awesome news
But is it really exclusive or multi?
MaximusPrime  +   2784d ago
it says "PS3 and PC". So i dont think so.
SlippyMadFrog  +   2784d ago
It went xbox360 as well not long ago, check the newer N4G articles
Douchebaggery  +   2784d ago
First time I hear about that game
Skerj  +   2784d ago
Whao I didn't think it was still coming out, sweet. On sheer graphical prowess this game smokes GTA4, but GTA has style so that goes a long way.
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Iamback  +   2784d ago
If they dont have publisher (as they say) than if this game is so good, or in any way close to being as good as GTA 4 than Sony should RUN like crazy to get publishing rights and by doing so secure this IP.
Because i think next big genre is this one in which are GTA4, Infamous, Prototype, Saint Row, this one. looking back at PS crap games like godfather, Scareface rip off and few other games sold in millions even if they sucked, but it seems that in west this kind of games and FPS sell ih huge numbers.
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Skerj  +   2784d ago
This does seem to be the year of the Open World game, I actually don't mind it either as long as they all add new features and the worlds are truly alive. I suppose that's because we now have systems capable of running such detailed worlds.
TheExecutive  +   2784d ago
I cant wait for monday and tuesday!
AngryHippo  +   2784d ago
i thought it was....
....a multiplatform title. 360/PS3/PC. Anyone know for sure the platforms its in development for?!
TheExecutive  +   2784d ago
its for all three... not sure why they dont mention the 360 in there

EDIT: after actually reading the article (sorry) they state that in order to put it on DVD they would have to put out several discs... kinda makes it sound like the 360 is out of the equation. Dunno though.

- "Blu-ray solves a lot of their problems". Since 2D2V is such an epic title, he said that to fit the game onto a simple DVD, they would either need to cut out chunks of the game or release the title on multiple discs.
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NoUseMerc  +   2784d ago
Last January I talked with Tim from Steel Monkey and they were looking at the Xbox 360 and PS3....but then when I met with Edwin Loo at GDC he mentioned what I wrote in the article. That Blu-ray is a big help for their game and that they will be looking for a publisher that will fit where they are wanting to take the title.
Skerj  +   2784d ago
They should just go ahead and talk to Sony, I'm sure they wouldn't mind footing the bill. Crank out that game and make it successful then become a first/second party developer. That seems to be the name of the game this gen now.
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Dark_Vendetta  +   2784d ago
You're right but I don't understand something. If they don't want to port it to the 360 because of the DVD, then why is there a PC version? Somehow this doesn't make sense.
If this game turns out to be good (not only good visuals) I'll pick it up for the Ps3(/360?). I'm starting to loose interest in PC gaming
Edit: Okay this makes sense again. Simply put data on 2/3 DVD9s and install it on your hard drive. Too bad MS didn't put the HDD also into the standart model.
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TheExecutive  +   2784d ago
they would download the game to the HDD, on the 360 you cant do that. The only standard storage for media on the 360 is the friggin DVD, which is BAD hardware design imo.
decapitator  +   2784d ago
From a business point of view, I dont see Sony securing the rights to this game and making it exclusive because they have their own IP(Getaway) which they are trying to make it compete with GTA.

Chances of this going exclusive are very slim, but I could see the PS3 been the lead platform however. Hopefully GDC will clear up somethings for us.
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HarryEtTubMan  +   2784d ago
The PS3 is also getting Exclusive 8 days... I really want to see taht one.
MK_Red  +   2784d ago
Nice find and news. One of the "Days" games is back, hopefully the other one shows up as well soon (The one with "Eight" in it).
heyheyhey  +   2784d ago
yeah man- sony has been pretty hush-hush about eight days after that amazing trailer

i hope we will see it back on the radar soon as the trailer got me very interested in it
MK_Red  +   2784d ago
Agreed. The trailer was really awesome. Hopefully they'll show a lot more and make 2009 as promising as 2008 :)
Jason 360_Niglet  +   2784d ago
No 360 version... oh well
TheExecutive  +   2784d ago
I wouldnt go that far, yet.
NoUseMerc  +   2784d ago
I never said it wasnt coming to the Xbox 360...it still is a possibility. It's just that last I talked with them, they were more interested in Blu-ray and the PS3.
mullet  +   2784d ago
What? The game won't fit on DVD9?
Bad news for 360 owners.
Sayai jin  +   2783d ago
Sorry to tell you this, but this game is multi plat. All of you people saying that the game will be hurt if it goes to DVD-9. This can be debated, so let's agree to disgree. But what I do not understand is why you are blaming MS or the 360? This game was said to be for PS3 and PC, hmmm most computers still have DVD-9 dvd players not blu-ray, so it was already so called "downgraded". So what does that have to do with the 360. The PC can not be blamed for something, becuase it is just as game. A game that will look spectacular on all three platforms. Stop hating and start playing!
LocustGR  +   2784d ago
No 360 version because it uses DVD, that is a limit for the developers.
Use HDD and problem resolved.
TheExecutive  +   2784d ago
the lack of any standard storage medium is gonna kick MS in the arse. New 360 in 2009, 2010 anyone?
Gamingisfornerds  +   2784d ago
"Use HDD and problem solved".
But the standard model only has a 20 GB HDD with only 13 GB actually available.

So in order for this to work, people have to buy an Elite or buy the 120 GB propriety Microsoft HDD for what...150 Euro?!

And even then, if a game is 15-20 GB big, you can only fit a handfull of games on the HDD!

Not very likely.
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Blademask  +   2784d ago
I just want to see a PC/PS3 developed game that doesn't ever have to touch the 360 hardware.
Really want to see how far they can push a ps3 to match a pc.
cellypower  +   2784d ago
I hope
This game gives gta4 comp.
Gamingisfornerds  +   2784d ago
Can't wait to see some actual gameplay footage.
The screens look very good, the lighting and textures are amazing. But it's something with the environments that look a bit off in the screens.

I don't know, it's just so lifeless. Too clean/sterile perhaps.

If this game arrives on multiple discs on the 360 and the PS3 version is equal in all other aspects, I'll go with the PS3 version. Even though I prefer the 360 controller. I just hate having to swap discs.

But if you only own a 360 and that's the only draw back you have on it, then it's not that big of a deal I guess. It's better than not getting the game at all, I reckon.

Anyways, time for this game to show it's not vaporware. Same goes for 'Eight Days'.
bootsielon  +   2784d ago
"To fit it on DVD, we need to eliminate chunks of the game or ship it on multiple discs"

You can't possibly ship a SANDBOX GAME on multiple discs unless you think usability is useless. They're gonna have to eliminate chunks of the game or lower the quality of every asset in order to make it fit. Or rather, not release it.
heyheyhey  +   2784d ago
the comparison between this and GTA tells me that this will very similar to GTA- hopefully it wont be just another half-assed GTA clone

M$ and its lab rats said that blu-ray is too big and is not needed, that DVD9 is not a limitation or problem in any way- well look at whats up now M$, you might be losing games over it and one of your games is on a whopping 4 disks- something that hasn't been witnessed since the PS1 days

anyway this game is on my radar and i hope it will be another great title to look forward to in the year that should be stellar for gamers

2008>>>>>>& gt;>2007
CNIVEK  +   2784d ago
Smells fishy...

Official Steel Monkeys website still only lists PC ; I'm betting it's being ported to the 360 as well, since they're a small dev.

Edit: Hey, disagree all you want, morons...I'm just pointing out the undeniable hard facts. Do you see "PS3" or the Sony logo ANYWHERE on that site? NO.
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mistertwoturbo  +   2784d ago
Good catch. But in the about us section

"Steel Monkeys is a cutting edge studio for game design and technology creation. We aim to become leaders in the development of high quality real-time video games, across present and emergent platforms. We currently create games for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2."

So still a possibility it can go to PS3 or 360. But given the comments of HDD space and Blu-Ray. I'd say there's more of a chance it'll go to the PS3. Who knows for now until they announce it themself.
Darkiewonder  +   2784d ago
If the game was announced for all platforms
May as well leave it at that until CONFIRMATION Comes along to which platform they announce rather than speculate.


anyways, this game was off the radar for some times because of the lack of information. hopefully when monday comes, it better be good NEW information!
Rybnik  +   2784d ago
well, first ever in-game trailer is pretty good info imo.
Hydrollex  +   2784d ago
Ahaha WTF this game was only for Xbox 360 and PC but now it's for PS3 and PC
LOL 360 shame on your DVD9 !
hotshot127  +   2784d ago
i could see other games that arent sandboxes fitting on dvd9 as long as you compress the graphics
and put it on multiple disks but thank god sony THOUGHT AHEAD and put bluray.

too bad gta wasnt an exclusive, they could've did so much more if it was using the space on bluray.

but ofcourse 360 fanboys will hit disagree like crazy although there is really nothing to argue with.

i think at the end of the day, we all know what the TRUE next gen system is but i wont say any names.........

but but but bluray isnt needed and dvd9 is better......lol
hotshot127  +   2784d ago
i just wonder how long until microsoft brings out thier next console with bluray disk or maybe even
hddvd disks. it has to be soon though.

otherwise, were gonna be getting held back from alot of great games. it sucks that microsoft is ahead in sales, holding back games. please microsoft just bring out your next console.
heyheyhey  +   2784d ago
yep M$ is ruining gaming just cuz they want to get their dirty hands on some $$$$$$

i hate M$- corrupt motherfcukers
mistertwoturbo  +   2784d ago
Yeah, "please microsoft, bring out your next console" and abandon the 18 million 360 user base just like the original xbox.

You fanboys say the funniest things sometimes. Why in the world would you want them to release another console and F people up the A-ss again?
Panthers  +   2784d ago
I have never heard of this game. This is a nice surprise
bluhefner  +   2784d ago
I've been hyped for this game since 05'ish. I and many others have been impressed by the screens but its finally time for steel monkeys to show this bad boy in action at least by E3 this year. Its put up or shut up time for SteelMonkeys.
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zonetrooper5  +   2784d ago
About time there is news on this game...
The Wood  +   2784d ago
Those who feel
that bigger storage may not be needed are the types of people I wouldn't invest money with or in. Larger storage, not just blu ray, is the way forward. MS missed a trick. lets be honest with ourselves. I know you've heard it a million times but it is better to have and not need plus the cost of the games is around about the same AND the cost of the two consoles in question is very close so there is no reason to talk crap about evil sony using blu ray as a trojan horse...

try this saying

Two birds, One stone

game on people
enigmaticheretic  +   2784d ago
Did it 7 times
I cant what until this game comes out me and my family moved to vegas 7 times from the east coast this game is going to be awesome.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2784d ago
Here's a leaked screenshot

Related image(s)
Cartesian3D  +   2784d ago
another game for 2008 ..

it cannt be true.. oh NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

plz .. I cant buy all of titles.. I havent enough time for play all of them either.. just stop announcing for 2008 .. its enough!
Doctor Strange  +   2784d ago
Haven't heard of this one before. Sad to say that lack of space is beginning to become a problem for certain games but this was bound to happen anyway.

MS really should have prepared for that. It's this stuff that makes me wonder if Nintendo went CD based like the PS1 did what state would Final Fantasy be in today but I'm going off topic.

Hopefully next week they impress us with 2 Days 2 Vegas.
darkside  +   2784d ago
damn!! i'll be broke even before the MGS4 comes out!!! 2008 is going to be great for the PS3!!

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