Every GTA character in one excellent picture

That’s every single playable lead from the GTA series, including Grand Theft Auto 5′s Albert De Silva. It’s the work of Patrick Brown who’s no stranger to GTA montages. Check the rest of his work below and his Deviant Art page for more.

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Cajun Chicken2171d ago

Well, so long Halo 4 wallpaper, nice knowing you.

Perjoss2170d ago

image 8 is amazing, so much going on.

LightSamus2171d ago

That's really cool although I'm not sure who the woman's supposed to be.

Tainted Gene2170d ago

Vic white Lady...

Remember the art works for Vice City, the one with the girl in front of the white sports car. Thats suppose to be Vic's girl (atleast pre-launch).

Also Lance Vance (Vic brother) mentions her in Vice City.

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The story is too old to be commented.