What Kingdom Hearts 3 Needs

Leviathyn | It has been six years since Kingdom Hearts 2 has come out. Since then we’ve seen four games release adding more to the story and introducing new characters. The timeline and story has become very complex. The series overall has taken route many people did not see coming in the first game.

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Double_Oh_Snap2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

What Kingdom Hearts 3 needs? To be officially announced, dated and released before I die. I'm 20 btw so they have time. I expect it by 30, and thats me being hopeful.

cmurdurr2168d ago

Bring on Kingdom Hearts 3!

black9112168d ago

To only Be on PlayStation.

Double_Oh_Snap2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

I don't care what platform's it's on. It better not be a portable game though.

I would love for it to be PS3 exclusive considering
KH 1&2 were on PS2. They could also take advantage of blu-ray disk space ect... Honestly though I just want to play it already.

black9112167d ago

The reason I say to only be on playstation is that all the former PS exclusives like devil may cry,final fantasy and GTA all have lost their touch.