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Submitted by nrvalleytime 1338d ago | news

Nintendo President Iwata admits botched E3; promises Third-Party support and exclusives for Wii U

"The promise of third-party support is one that will bring many back to Nintendo’s fold. While the company has always shown a knack for creating innovative IPs, the support has been lacking for Nintendo since the middle years of the Gamecube cycle. Looking ahead, the Wii U could be the console that Nintendo always meant to create to compete with more mainstream gaming alternatives Microsoft and Sony." (Dev, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Nintendo, PS3, Sony, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Ck1x  +   1338d ago
I just have one thing to say! All of these articles are coming forth from Iwata now, I wish he would take this time to get me more excited about the WiiU then talk about PS4 & 720. Those systems are vaporware as of right now and don't physically exist
Fishy Fingers  +   1338d ago
All of "these articles" can probably be traced back to 1 or 2 source interviews. Including this one.
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nrvalleytime  +   1338d ago
True, but those articles rarely make their way to N4G. This is information most of us would probably otherwise not hear about.
Fishy Fingers  +   1338d ago
Perhaps, but that's hardly Iwata's (or any interviewees) fault.

More often than not the source interviews are posted but due to their fitting (rather than OTT) headlines, rarely make it to the homepage.
gaffyh  +   1338d ago
The main issue I have with anything like this, is that it isn't THAT hard to set up a decent conference. I mean, ANYBODY would have known what should and shouldn't be in the event, yet Nintendo seems to think people want to hear pointless prattle, and look at 1-year-old games on a new system.

Zelda is what excited everyone about the Wii U last year, and they didn't even show it this year. That was a no-brainer, you'd literally have to be as dumb as a doorknob to not know you were going to have a shit conference without it.
Plagasx  +   1338d ago
E3 was your chance to bring back the core audience. You blew it. No excuses.

I'm certainly not getting a Wii U at launch.
user5467007  +   1338d ago
Well really it was their second chance since they failed to impress in 2011s E3 when they first revealed the Wii U.

How can you mess up twice when showing off a nw console.
mewhy32  +   1338d ago
Actually I wasn't impressed with ANY of the it. I thought Tomb Raider was the best part of the entire thing.
nrvalleytime  +   1338d ago
Sad... but I'm seeing this response more and more right now. It might be too late for Nintendo.
torchic  +   1338d ago
yup, too late Nintendo, I was ready to splash the cash, but then you let me down. I will put that money into my "PS4 funds"
glasshalffull  +   1338d ago
He has gumption, you wont here the other 2 saying how bad there conferences were, they will just ignore it

But I think alot of people are missing the bigger picture....

The conference was bad, but all the playtestings and things of that nature were great.

So really isnt that whats most important? A conference will be forgotten, trying the system and understand it for yourself wont be.


but whats the cost of that?

Do we really want to buy a 400+ dollar system, that costs so much to dev for, it might destroy the system?

I am not sure.....

I mean how much better can realism get? Id prefer more artistic directions, which dont require the power to supply a small city

my 2 cents
PopRocks359  +   1338d ago
The Wii U has just as many positives riding it as it has negatives, just like any other console.

People are judging it prematurely because of the shoddy nature of the E3 conference, which is ridiculous. The conference does not dictate the system's overall quality.

In fact, just as you said, anyone who was there at the conference and therefor at the show floor has been really enjoying the Wii U and its revealed games. Don't believe me? Google any Wii U game's preview. I guarantee its actually quite positive.

The Wii U's launch will be extremely interesting. If almost all of its launch titles get high review scores and it still fails to sell, I'll be very surprised.
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Clarence  +   1338d ago
I just dont think 3rd party support is going to do it. The next PS and Xbox will be way more powerful. Both with 3rd party support. I bought my wii for Zelda. A lot of people who bought the wii got caught up in the motion control fade.

If I was Nintendo I would have waited to release Skyward Sword for the Wii u.

Old people won't be buying the Wii u like they did the Wii. Kids who wanted the wii are now 6-7 yrs older. They want big boy consoles.

Next gen the console race will be between Sony and M$.
glasshalffull   1338d ago | Spam
neutralgamer19  +   1338d ago
Damage control damage control damage control lol and the naives will believe..... lol

Ughhhhh according to our sources in Sony and Microsoft head quarters we are also sure the ps4 and next xbox wont be that much more powerful lol Man stfu!!!!!!!! and whoever believes half the bs Nintendo says are idiots!!!!! and masochists!!!!
Grimhammer00  +   1338d ago
What we know, what is historical fact & what is Ninny's philosophy is that they are no longer in tune with gaming. They missed the memo about gaming growing up. Average gamer with disposable income...30's!!!
Casuals don't buy new system unless its got a hook that takes off with media.

I don't want Nintendo to fail.....but, it's already begun.
rmedtx  +   1338d ago
I'm sure it will be just a lot of tablet upgraded ports of PS3 and 360 games.
AusRogo  +   1338d ago
E3 *was their time to make the Wii U shine.. But no. I honestly was expecting Nintendo to own the shit outta e3!
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Chuk5  +   1338d ago
I'll never forget how Iwata said in 2004 that online was a fad, haha. But seriously, nintendo is always a step behind in the fundamentals of a system. Ds, wii were both innovative but their online systems, and 3rd party support were not very good at all. I want t believe that nitendo will come armed to the teeth at tgs, but they had the same intention at E3 and blew it.

They can turn around, but it's gonna take some serious work.
torchic  +   1338d ago
Iwata seriously said that?

WildStyles  +   1338d ago
It's cool to want nice things Iwata.

Third party support has always been a negative when it comes to Nintendo so I'll believe it when I see it. Especially since their E3 didn't show a shitload of third parties excited about the Wii U platform.
PopRocks359  +   1338d ago
Just because the games are old does not mean you can discount them. They had almost as many third party games as they had first party in that montage.

Besides, Assassin's Creed III, Ninja Gaiden 3, Batman Arkham City and Aliens are all being marketed as best played on Wii U. I'm not understanding what exactly else you're expecting.
DivineAssault  +   1338d ago
They always promise things. Show me & ill get it.. I really want a Wii U but im not buying systems at launch anymore.. My new rule will be that there has to be @ the very least, 3 exclusive games that i must have.. If theyre multiconsole, ill just play on the system i have.. PS4 ill buy right away because i know sony will push good exclusives.
nrvalleytime  +   1338d ago
3 games? Honestly, Zelda has been enough for me for any Nintendo console. But three?

1. Mario
2. Rayman Legends
3. Pikmin 3

DivineAssault  +   1338d ago
not into those games too much.. I was hoping for Eternal Darkness & maybe a few 3rd party games.. Rayman legends might go multiconsole too.. Mario bros is the same thing to me just in HD & i never liked pikmin too much

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