Microsoft not attending Gamescom and TGS 2012

Microsoft cancelled Gamescom and TGS 2012. The publisher says, that MS will show it's games at some small events later this year. There are some first quotes from the expo's management too.

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Yi-Long2169d ago

... judging from the response to their E3 conference, many are rightfully upset about a lack of games coming from them.

Why would you go to gameshows if you are just going to show apps, timed-exclusive DLC, and Kinect shovelware!?

I love my 360, but I was deeply disappointed by what MS showed at E3.

Double_Oh_Snap2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Absolutely correct, MS failed E3 I was expecting so much. Halo 4 looked great though.

To be expected kind of with the Next Gen fast approaching.

lociefer2169d ago

maybe usher was already booked

blofeld2169d ago

Again, why would you be expecting so much at an E3 when we are 7 years into this console generation and with new consoles being announced next year?

King_many_layers2168d ago


we expect more from them BECAUSE it's 7 years in. the Hardware has been mastered and as a result the games should be coming along nicely.

the problem was that Microsoft have gone on to abandon the 'Core' Gamers that they set out to pitch the device towards. Moving on to where they feel the money is more likely to be made, rather than tending to those whom they first attracted.

Also E3 is a platform for Games to be shown and advertised before their release, but Microsoft showed only Games that had been announced from already established franchises and, in my opinion, wasted money continuously throughout this generation by buying a right to have timed Downloadable content over putting it towards the creation of new studios or games and such.

E3 for them was about the mass public and not about the people who actually care about the evemt.

gaffyh2168d ago

MS usually don't do a conference at TGS, and since the second year, they haven't done one at GamesCom either. They usually still have a booth at both events though. Although, the fact that they aren't doing an event means that they have nothing to announce usually.

Arnon2168d ago

I'm gonna say it's more believable that they're holding off from the conferences in preperation for something new, rather than having nothing to show.

Peppino72168d ago

Wow that's big. It's probably because they don't have much to show off since their E3 was lacking.

EVILDEAD3602168d ago

Like Ive said before..

They hit it out of the park at E3. They have arguably the strongest overall Fall/Holiday line-up.

Halo 4 is the biggest exclusive of the year and Forza horizon may well be the biggest racer of the year.

Kinect is still the biggest motion controller and even Wii-U couldn't unseat its relevancy.

There's zero need to talk about games that are over a year away at TGS and Gamescom and the 720 won't be shown until the next E3.

Again, there is no need for either conference and inviting the jounalists to localized showing of games as the time inches towards the holiday makes perfect sense.


DragonKnight2168d ago

@Evil: MS knocked it out of the park at E3? What? You have 6 bubbles? This site is messed up.

2168d ago
DragonKnight2168d ago

Is it me or is DK286K EvilDead360 version 2.0?

The both of you sound like you've been hired by MS for PR. You don't have to search for anything negative to say about MS' E3 console, it was all there plain as day and summed up in 3 words. Usher, Multiplats, and Kinect.

Don't have to search for anything positive to say about Sony's conference because it was equally in plain sight.

If you want to live in a fantasy land where MS offers more exclusive games than Sony, where they aren't focused on Kinect and apps that you have to pay twice for, and where they don't need celebrities to make their console seem great, that's your choice. But the conferences speak for themselves.

The only thing that was bad about Sony's conference was Wonderbook. You don't even have to take my word for it. All across the internet you can clearly see how awful MS' conference was compared to Sony's. But hey, you do have a paycheck to earn from MS so, keep up the good fight.

2168d ago
Nodoze2168d ago

Don't the 360 gamers tire of the same titles over and over again?

Gears, Halo, Forza, Fable!?!


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ThanatosDMC2168d ago

They couldnt hire anyone else to sing?

2168d ago
srcBFMVBMTH2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )


You're going to use Metacritic as an argument? Lol. You do know that PS3 exclusives are rated higher than 360 exclusives overall right? They have more games rated 80+ and 90+. But you don't see Sony trying to push out and shove those same titles down our throats year after year. They actually like to make NEW and DIFFERENT games.

EVILDEAD3602167d ago

The both of you sound like you've been hired by MS for PR. You don't have to search for anything negative to say about MS' E3 console, it was all there plain as day and summed up in 3 words. Usher, Multiplats, and Kinect.

LMAO @ an entire site that gives their opinion on anything console related BUT if you say ANYTHING positive MS related then you are PR?

LOL @ this guy being Sony PR mad because he literally has to defend Sony with all his internet might EVEN when I don't mention Sony ONE time in my comment.

So wait let's break down EVERYTHING Dragon petended was wrong about the MS conference.

Usher..Boy that was sooo horrible that Usher, who has sold over 65 million records worldwide, who did motion capture for the 2nd biggest dane franchise, performs one of the games' songs (which is the current #13 song in the country).

Instead MS should have copied off of Ubisoft (who everyone says won E3) and opened their entire press conference with Flo-rida rapping and some random dancers promoting Just Dance 4.

Or they could have emulated Nintendo and had some random kids singing in promotion of a karoake game.

Yup what in the world was MS thinking.

So then Dragon says 'multiplats were one of the reasons MS conference was bad.

Yeah it was soo of horrible to have Black Ops 2 on the Microsoft stage, which will be the top selling PS3 game hands down.

Instead Micrsoft should have emulated Sony and made a special Assassin's Creed 3 PS3 and promoted the MULIPLAT on the E3 stage or they could have promoted the MULTIPLAT Far Cry 3 on the E3 stage.

Nah, because according to Dragonknight ONLY MS promotes Multiplats. Micrsoft would be stupid to promote it's 19 million selling peripheral. i mean it makes no sense to promote it's two time million plus selling Dance Central franchise or compete with Wii-Fit U by teaming with Nike and promoting their own fitness game.

Nope MS shouldve been like Sony and promoted Move and sat some random adult on the floor and fumble through a painful demo of Wonderbook. Yeah that makes wayyy more sense.

So let's keep score Micrsoft promoted it's biggest exclusives like the other big two

Micrsoft promoted it's Dance game like both Ubisoft (who one the conference) AND Nintendo. Although nobody talks about last year when Sony used to talk up the extremely unsuccessful Eveybody Dance in the PR press.

Micrsoft promoted multi-plats on it's stage like the other big two. Sony easpecially promoting the new Assasin's creed themed PS3.

Micrsoft promoted Kinect, just like Sony promoted Move wit Wonderbook and Nintendo promoted it's motion control features on the Wii-U.

So basically since Dragon Knight hypocritically contended that MS had a 'negative' conference for using the exact same tactics on it's stage that EVERYONE else employed at E3.

But, that's par for the course on are ONLY allowed praise Sony and Bash Micrsoft in response to a Micrsoft related article.

Classic..too easy


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blofeld2169d ago ShowReplies(11)
Hellsvacancy2168d ago

So, if theres no MS at either of these conventions does that mean its safe to say Final Fantasy versus will stay with the PS3?

Ive been expecting a multiplat announcement for FFV for ages now, hopefully as MS isnt gonna be there it wont happen

Double_Oh_Snap2168d ago

Let us pray for Final Fantasy versus 13.

kratos1232168d ago

My thoughts exactly now I can enjoy the show without fearing for Mp release , now se show the Damn game or else it is trully vaporware

dubt722168d ago

The only reason I want this game released on 360 is to see the tears well up in the Sonyers eyes'. "How could you Squeenix??? now, I'm gonna cut myself!" hahaha

Patriots_Pride2168d ago

FFV at TGS....HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH...can belive people still think that this game is going to come out this gen......muahahahhahahahaa.

Thanks for the lol's hells : )

DigitalRaptor2168d ago

@ Patriots_Pride

I'm bookmarking this comment and then we'll see who gets to have the last laugh! :p

milohighclub2168d ago

Do you think they may release it on the new engine like they are with 14?? Maybe that's what's taking so long.

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BrutallyBlunt2168d ago


lol, bubbles up.

Why would Microsoft attend TGS when they know they failed in that region? Might have been a good place to show Steel Battalion and keep trying over there but it's clear Japan has made up their minds about the system long ago. It's a bit of a surprise they aren't attending Gamescon but to me this shows Microsoft's strong support mainly in the U.S.A. and another reason why they are not as competitive in other regions.

supremacy2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

but this is coming after the fact they claimed the 360 being the best-selling console worldwide. I find it funny and absurd they would be making such bold claims when they are clearly failing in some regions.

Also this news isnt that surprising since there is currently a ban on the 360 sale in germany conversation taking place. So this could be their way of responding, better yet saving time and money.

And why no tgs? well you figure since the has little to nothing the japanese audience want in terms of software, why bother?

Heck even the ps2 tends to sell better than than the 360 out there on a regular basis. But...MS will tell you they have the best selling gaming console in the WORLD.

However a small event somewhere might be more suitable for whatever they have left to show the masses.

I wont lie, they will be missed at these conferences for sure.

BrutallyBlunt2166d ago

Why is it absurd if it's true? You don't need to be #1 in Japan to succeed. It's obvious the people there don't need nor wanted an XBOX or a XBOX360. They are set in their ways and that's fine. What Microsoft has done however is still get Japanese developer support which is actually more noteworthy since a lot of Japanese developed games sell well outside of Japan.

But i do agree that Microsoft should still keep trying there and not ignore that region.

MWH2168d ago

this E3 had "Fail" written all over it compared to past events, and that including Sony AND Nintendo.

DOMination-2168d ago

Jesus, almost every single person posting here is so immature.

In regards to this article, I believe MS have abandoned attendance to most of these events - including stuff like the consumer electronics show - which I do find strange and would like to know the reason why, I'm sure it's more complicated than 'they don't have anything to show'.

In regards to gamescon directly, I believe Nintendo also haven't bothered with this for a few years. It does mean, however, that Sony have a good basis to announce some interesting things and it makes sense considering they have some big studios/partners from Europe (more so than MS and Nintendo anyway).

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FlashXIII2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Hardly surprising Microsoft doesn't want to go to GAMEScon or Tokyo GAME show... the only non kinect game exclusive they actually can show ingame footage of is Halo lol.. maybe a xbla title or two but lets be honest, if they focused purely on games, they'd be laughed out the building at a place for gamers.

Septic2168d ago

Ugh...I know I shouldn't bother entertaining 9 year old trolls but about making mountains out of molehills. Please...grow up.

asmith23062168d ago

Looks like Sony won already! ;-)

Strikepackage Bravo2168d ago

N4G kids think that Sony's E3 press conference was the best. wow, big surprise. Sony could show poop at a press conference and you automatons would still say they won, you have no credibility.

All the press conferences were mediocre.

Yi-Long2168d ago

... but from the big 3, Microsoft and Nintendo were extremely disappointing, while Sony wasn't great, but at least it was still all about the games.

MS and Nintendo had a BAD show. Sony's show was OK.

Sony's low-point was obviously that horrible 'Wonder Book' thing, or whatever it was called.

Genghis2168d ago

Nope, thanks for arguing from a gamer's narrow perspective. The reality is that Sony and MS both did well as they both saw an increase in stock shares/values.

And gamers think gaming is all about the games.


Yi-Long2168d ago

... I'm not a MS shareholder. I'm just a gamer.

I just want to watch E3 and other gameshows and see great games announced that excite me.

GUNS N SWORDS2168d ago

I honestly think Microsoft can and should do better than this year's E3.

I'm happy though that Microsoft didn't announce a new console this year. with the way things are with Microsoft still focusing on games for 360, it would be even harder for them to think about setting aside games of the few companies they have for the next console.

MS needs to think out new strategies.

krisq2168d ago

They have absolutely nothing to show for us, Europeans. Their all media center crap is U.S. only. No wonder they won't be attending.

Oh_Yeah2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

i expect more from who? the second richest company in the media business next to apple, thats who...enough with the apps, nd the 60$ a year to use your ad filled xbl gold. give me some new games nayowww

tee_bag2422168d ago

Too many kids on this site.
Unbiased people are so rare to find here.
Its alwasy about picking a winning team.
Most of the people with bubbles are suck a$$'s.
The people with few bubbles actually voice there opinion.
Iv been here since 2007 but think iv finally had enough.
Im looking for a site like this with gamers that can objectively discuss pro's and con's on gaming and hardware without crying about not owning the other side.

Is there an N4G for adults or something ?

Septic2168d ago

I wish. I've been looking for a site like that too. You're absolutes right though; you rarely ever see anyone discussing something objectively on here. I would suggests that the mods be more vigilant with comments on here but there are just too many kids on here to deal with. Le sigh.

NonApplicable2168d ago

Don't be so pretentious...

Most of the comments on N4G are level headed posts. You're just magnifying the negativity because that is what is interesting/catches peoples attention.

NewZealander2168d ago

both ms and sony had boring E3 shows, sadly E3 is not exciting as it used to be, nintendo had the worst E3, they showed very little and had no release dates prices or any other interesting information, wasted opportunity.

showtimefolks2168d ago

wehther you like it or not this is how MS has done it.

first 4 years it was all about core gamers and we are for core gamers. Than they saw the success of WII and Kinect sold quite well so they thought well that it for core gamers.

In their mind core gamer market has been tapped in and now anyone who is gonna buy an xbox360 isn't core gamer.

This will come to Bite MS when they launch the next xbox, we gamers are a lot of things but stupid isn't one of them. Let me ask you one simple question.

If you are a core gamer who only want to buy 2 systems each gen like me which two would you choose?

for me ps4 is no question since been a long time ps fan so next up do i care more about xbox360 exclusives(fable,gears,halo,al an wake,crackdown) or do i want to play Nintendo exclusives in HD

and i am thinking along the line of finally able to play N exclusives in HD, and them providing a regular controller is a great move too.

i read that sony held a alot of games back for launch of ps4, and i believe that but can we make the same argument for MS even though they don't have 1st/2nd party developers to back up that claim

sony has 15 1st party studios alone with QD,Ready at dawn and Insomniac

Nintendo has 10 plus 1st/2nd party studios

and MS????? same gears,halo and fable? and now forza? we have had one GT game in 6 years while we have how many forza games again?

MS would never take chances on games like Ratchet,Sly,Jak,Heavy rain,Little big planet etc,,,,

not trying to hate on MS but as someone who bought their system at launch i feel like over the past 2-3 years they have totally forgotten about us as we weren't the ones who actually made them a success to begin with

gamer78042168d ago

While i totally disagree, this has nothing to do with why they are not going to gamescom and tgs.

Gamescom is one of the smaller shows and xbox 360 presence in japan doesn't really warrant attending the show. This is similar to what apple is doing. Instead of going to shows like these they do a couple of their own.

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Cloudberry2169d ago

What gives?

I thought they would show Wii U again in Gamescom at least...

redDevil872169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Maybe they are saving stuff for TGS.

They might see E3 as the most important thing in the west, then concentrate everything else on TGS.

It sucks for Europe though, 2 of the big 3 not attending.

torchic2168d ago

don't think too many Europeans will be worried though.

Europe is basically PS3-land

vikingland12169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

E3 is Electronics Entertainment Expo and TGS & Gamescom are game expos. Ergo MS has no games to show so why go?

Genghis2168d ago

...and the reason why nintendo isn't going...?

flawed logic at it's best, folks.

MySwordIsHeavenly2168d ago

Because Nintendo doesn't have them either?

MariaHelFutura2169d ago ShowReplies(2)
from the beach2168d ago

Sucks for TGS, all of the previously announced Kinect games should be out by then and some new ones would have been nice!