OnLive Boasts 100% Uptime at Two Year Anniversar​y

Onlive Inc. has announced that Onlive has enjoyed one hundred per cent uptime for its entire two year existence. OnLive went live at E3 2010 with just nineteen games in its library on only PCs and Macs over Ethernet. Two years later OnLive is celebrating its anniversary with hundreds of new games, and is not only available on PCs and Macs, but on TVs, tablets and smartphones over wired, Wi-Fi and cellular connections. Onlive Inc. has also announced several ways in which the service will continue to move forward in the coming year.

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milohighclub2106d ago

No plans to increase resolution.

piek2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

Source-From Onlive: What resolution does OnLive support? My display looks fuzzy.
The OnLive Game Service currently runs at 720p (1280x720).

For best results, we recommend you set your computer display to its "native" resolution (i.e. the actual resolution of the display), and allow your computer to stretch or shrink the OnLive window to fill the screen. If the picture looks blurry when stretched to full screen size, then you might try placing OnLive in windowed mode or sitting further back from the computer display.

Also, be sure the brightness and contrast is set correctly on your monitor or TV. OnLive uses compressed video which will not look as good if the brightness or contrast is not adjusted properly.

Once higher sustainable bandwidths are widely available, the Service will support higher resolution video, such as 1080p (1920x1080).

milohighclub2105d ago

I've read that before. I have a 27" mac with 1440 resolution. My screen is set to its native resolution with onlive full screen it looks like ass still.

ChronoJoe2105d ago

Shouldn't have bought a mac. Could have just ran decent games off your own hardware if you hadn't. :P

MacUser19862105d ago

Been with OnLive since the beginning, can't wait for a third year.

MAJ0R2105d ago

I've been with them too, playing demos and trials that is ;)

neutralgamer192105d ago

Now that Verizon fios is upping their speeds to 300 mbps dl this month im tempted.

Skate-AK2104d ago

Holy crap!!! The fastest my state has is only 24 and I have 12..... On top of that I have a super small 50gb download limit. I havnt even been able to download all my PS+ games yet!!

neutralgamer192105d ago

Yeah they are doubling their speeds and have commercials going on all month about revolutionizing the internet this month. I wen on their page and looked up the speeds and was like oh wow now we are in business. I have Time Warner but they dont offer speeds like that.

MadMen2105d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they get acquired at some point soon before they cut into 1-3% of market share.