Dark Sector gameplay video.

Digital Extremes releases an action montage of Dark Sector.

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OsolidOsnakeO3865d ago

I think this game will not be very good...nothing special in the video..

Amnesiac3865d ago

so this game is just gears of war with different scenery/story and a boomerang weapon?

masterg3865d ago

And whats not great about that.

Uncharted didnt do anything original, but it was still an awesome game.
I think Dark Sector looks great and I plan to pick it up.

Panthers3865d ago

Uncharted Innovated in the department of stroy telling and emotional attachment to characters. The gameplay was not special, but the visuals really added to it.

Baba19063864d ago

but the gameplay was great in uncharted. so why not, even if it isnt original.

Whoooop3865d ago

it could be a good rental.

Relcom3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

DRIVES ME CRAZY. WTF is up with the monster noises, its like there in mono or something. Its not scary its annoying.

Game doesn't look bad though. Graphics are great for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.