The Last of Us Gameplay Demo - Jimmy Fallon Video Game Week

DualShock Nexus: The Last of Us was featured today on video game week. Many, including myself, anticipated the 17 minute extended private demo as the result of a misleading tweet by PlayStation. They tweeted about seeing a secret demo tonight on Jimmy Falling, but instead we got more of the same from Sony's press conference. In case you missed game week tonight and wanted to see the footage anyways, read on.

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ApolloTheBoss1985d ago

Jimmy is insane, but in a good way.

mafiahajeri1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Yeah I really liked him in taxi I don't understand the hate towards him especially here in n4g.

ABizzel11984d ago

I have to disagree with him in Taxi. It was ok, but the chemistry between him and Queen (Latifa)? just wasn't there.

Bringing down the house was much better.

But I like Jimmy, he just has a constant look on his face like he's up to something. "Very sneaky sir."

Peppino71984d ago

Still a great demo even though it was the same as E3. Best part was that jimmy didn't touch the controller and just made jokes.

Spydiggity1984d ago

i don't see what's not to understand. he's not funny, he's a bumbling idiot, and he can't tell a joke without chuckling to himself (especially in his snl days)

m-s-8-21984d ago

He's just not funny. Two late night shows at 12:30, you can net your ass I'm watching GP and the Fergs.

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Thatguy-3101984d ago

You can tell they're are very secretive about this game. They showed nothing new what so ever. I bet New footage will be the one shown at gamescom and it will involve the creatures.

Nimblest-Assassin1984d ago

or their super secret "awesome" mp

Christopher1984d ago

They've got 9 more months, they don't want to waste all the hype now. Gotta save it up for the three months leading up to release.

Flavor1984d ago

I'm real sorry if this has been pointed out, but the sequences look exactly the same as the e3 demo, except for the ending... and he's supposed to be playing it live on the show? It's not scripted but it's pretty damn close, like endless QTE's where you have some level of input.

Ragnaarock1983d ago

I think they just played it the same way as they did during te E3 to showcaase the things they have done. I'm pretty sure if you only have 6 revolver rounds you wont be shooting tem all willy nilly, but they did so showcase how the ai will react to the sound of an empty gun. They also wanted to showcase the item creation since you have to be able to do something when you have no ammo. This is why i wouldn't call it scripted or "endless qte events" especially since the people who have played the demo at E3 say that there are alot more possiblities in this one sequence then what is shown.

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Cosmit1984d ago

Please Sony for the Love of "whatever you believe in", Advertise the crap out of this game!!!


i believe all their funding advertisement will go towards All Stars Battle Royal. don't get me wrong this should have it's TV ad in all theaters as well in every national game

Veneno1984d ago

I dont know if thats accurate. Royale is in 2012 while last of us is 2013. There wont be a budget conflict

cannon88001984d ago

lol the creative director on the black was explaining things about the game to Jimmy and then at 03:49 when Joel told Ellie to quiet down, the creative director lowered down his voice too.

trancefreak1984d ago

Damn awesome demo seriously intriguing. Cant wait and the level of detail/game play was gorgeous.

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Vettur1984d ago

lol, what is disapointing about 2013?? a lot of good games are comming out that year :D

despair1984d ago

agreed I can wait and my wallet thanks ND for not releasing it this year.

RememberThe3571984d ago

No, I mean't it's disappointing that the game is coming out in 2013 and not this year.

tigertron1984d ago

Everyone misunderstood what he meant, he meant its dissapointing that its not out until 2013.

Prince_Dim-Lu1984d ago

Ya, but they'll be next gen Durango and Wii U and PS4 games.

SeanScythe1984d ago

The world will have ended by then.... lol

GribbleGrunger1984d ago

he's a 360 owner. it's true for him

Vettur1984d ago

ah, That I can agree on, but if every good game came out next year, what would be left for 2013? :P In my opinion, we've allready gotten a lot of good games this year ;)

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alessandro101984d ago

i understud dude... but late you got so many disagrees : (

sandman2241984d ago

Jimmy gives me a jimmy. Lol

soundslike1984d ago

Do not be rustled, friend.


drink a dos XX , you'll be aight

metsgaming1984d ago

420 degrees already !?!?! That cant be right. Anyway, wonder why they took the same route, maybe they dont want to reveal the other stuff to the public just yet? They did it different with the media.

mafiahajeri1984d ago

I was wondering the same thing. It's on FIRE!!!!'

torchic1984d ago

man the Disagreeing Machine is out in full force in these comments

Ashunderfire861984d ago

They should of play it a different way, its like they giving you the illusion that the game is controlling itself, but that dude is just doing the same thing he did with that E3 demo behind close doors.

duplissi1984d ago

it wasnt entirely the same though.

BISHOP-BRASIL1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I didn't catch any difference at all... It looked exactly the same to me, in fact, I believe he was just pretending to play.

But no need to worry, ND guys already confirmed that this very part, as well as others, you can have different approaches, to the point you could skip this fight all together.

Now, my english isn't very good, but from what I understanded in that PS Blog/Pulse interview you can completelly skip many of those buildings if you don't want to explore/scavenge the area and just go to the next objective if it's somewhere else. So I don't think it will be that linear.

EDIT: I readed further down and apparently it's not the same video, someone pointed he still had a bullet before going out of ammo against that last guy in the hall. I'm watching the E3 presentation again and it's indeed not the same... My bad.

dead_eye1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

I thought he was pretending to play. I haven't compared videos but looks to be the same missed shots as the first demo. If it isn't scripted (which it isn't) fake playing would be the only way to control what was shown.

edit: Should have read your edit first before making a comment. They clear don't want to show anything else at the moment.

edit #2: fucking hell that girl has one hell of an arm in the e3 demo.

ginsunuva1984d ago

420 degrees? That's BLAZING hot if you know what i mean. It's all lit up and burning!

kevnb1984d ago

are they even actually playing? Looks exactly the same as e3. After seeing it again im starting to see how it all was put together even more, should be fun if not revolutionary.
I really like the animations, the more strategic gameplay and the lack of recharging health, and im going to get this game. but I have to point out to my followers the predictable ai.

NIRVANArazor1984d ago

It is not the same gameplay.

sjaakiejj1984d ago

Hold them side by side. It's the same gameplay.

DigitalRaptor1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

sjaakiejj... seriously... Read my comment below.

And then I suggest you watch them side by side, 'cause there are differences that prove it's not the exact same video. In fact, I'll copy one of my previous comments here so you can see the proof instead of you being lazy and jumping to conclusions:

"Watch the two videos side by side at the correct moments. The only reason it looks the same is because Bruce played the same scene in the same way. There are several instances that prove he's playing it and that it is different to the E3 playthrough.

Just compare it to this (E3 demo):

For example, at the start they don't sneak past the window on the left where there were some enemies in the E3 demo - they just walk past it and jump through the window straight ahead. Look at the ammo count at different moments, it's different to the E3 demo again."

So it plays out almost the same, because Bruce is playing it through the same way, not because it's a copy and paste job. Damn!

And just noticed your comment from before: "People already explained. It's the same footage as on E3 - they're not actually playing it. It's a recorded video."

You're deluded as f**k!

sjaakiejj1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Fair enough. Doesn't really change anything though. If you play the videos side-by-side from the moment Joel jumps through the window, the gameplay is identical, with the single exception of having one bullet left at the end.

The reason everything else plays out the same way is because games are fundamentally deterministic. This means that if you were to play the game in the same way, everything will happen in the same way.

I'm not really convinced he's actually playing the game though, it's too identical to the E3 gameplay (as in per second accuracy, camera movements are the same, and they even kill everyone in the exact same way). It's probably a bot, which would account for the minor differences we saw.

Edit: And you just lost bubbles on that edit. Refrain from personal attacks, treat people with respect please.

_-EDMIX-_1984d ago

@sjaakiejj've been proven wrong. And the whole thing about (fundamentally deterministic) or how (if you were to play the game in the same way, everything will happen in the same way)

um....well duh! Same can be said about many games. But what your not understanding is that still means its not scripted. If an AI is programmed to do this, it means that if you play that demo a dozen times THE SAME WAY, your going to get those same results a dozen times. does this mean its "scripted"? Nothing about what was shown for the AI was scripted other then placement (obviously...its a game) and what was done by the player, but even the people playing the demo clearly did things a little different in terms of order.

But they had to do things a certain way because...well their DEMOING A GAME! They need to show the AI and its reactions, thus they can't just go out swinging, or just not shoot or not take that guy hostage. Where not hear to just watch any game, where here to see what The Last Of Us is doing special compared to other games. Thus he must clearly run out of ammo to show the enemy's AI, he needs to take the guy hostage to show the complexity of the controls and its so damn funny cause NOTHING IN THIS GAME is something that has never been done before.

The Getaway and MGS3 did the hostage thing, MGS1 did the line of sight for AI's, and many games have done the whole "you've run out of ammo, now i'm mad"

Shit there are RPG's that make the bosses go into bizerk mode (if your a JRPG know what i mean) when you run out of MP.

I bet those are "scripted" too. LOL.

sjaakiejj1984d ago


You're misunderstanding what I'm saying. I'm providing evidence as to why it _isn't_ scripted.

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BlackPrince 421984d ago

It's probably very close because they've practiced this section enough to make events occur in a specific way for dramatic effect.

And further, it's possible that all of the AI is not in place in this build of the game. Since they're not finished yet it's not unreasonable to assume they'd leave some half-finished code out so everything would go well for presentation purposes.

DigitalRaptor1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Exactly. I wish I had enough bubbles to reply to everyone who is saying it's exactly the same and/or he's pretending to play it.

That's just absolutely crazy. Bruce is clearly playing the game, like he did at E3. ND don't do fakery like that. Like you said BlackPrince, Bruce has most likely practiced the hell outta this playthrough to get it how he wants it for public demonstration purposes and since he works for ND day in/day out, he knows how the AI responds to the player's actions, if he's doing exactly the same things (moving to the same areas, with the same attacks and using the same weapons, the AI will act accordingly).

And like I've mentioned in another conversation. If you actually watch the E3 video and the Jimmy Fallon video side-by-side, there are subtle differences that prove it's him playing and that it's different.

I really hate having to clear things up for people who have just no common sense or cannot pay attention adequately. All the damn time. SMH!