'38 Studios Spouse' speaks out

Gamasutra received the letter below on Tuesday evening. In it, the wife of a former 38 Studios employee describes a uniquely heart-wrenching story about uprooting a five-person family for an exciting new opportunity in Rhode Island, where now-defunct 38 Studios was located.

The description of events differs from Gamasutra's previous report, due to its unique viewpoint from someone who didn't work at the company, but relied on it just as much as an employee. She wished to remain anonymous, but Gamasutra verified her husband's name and former position at 38 Studios.

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DaThreats2288d ago

I'm ashamed of you 38 studios

Dovahkiin2288d ago

Sick of your shitty comments.

Bolts2288d ago

Thank god I'm not in the gaming biz. This industry is rough.

guitarded772288d ago

Yeah, I'm finishing my computer science degree (programming)... this is my second degree and I'm in my mid 30s. Most of my fellow students are younger and have their hearts set on working in the gaming industry, which I applaud their passion, but most of the older students such as myself want the stability of an established company. As some of the younger students begin to see the job offers coming in from the federal government and publicly traded companies, many of them start to question if the gaming industry is really what they want.

SeekDev2287d ago

We'll see how it turns out for me, I'm entering uni next September for a four year course on game development. I have no preconceived notions that I'll make any money at all. I just know that I like coding, games, and fashioning stories.

IIC0mPLeXII2288d ago

Soooooo, I guess I should of bought that sorcery weapons dlc.