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Game consoles will be extinct after next-gen, says Jaffe

David Jaffe is never one to hold back an opinion, so after we talked in depth about the free-to-play market and his next project at his new San Diego studio, we also decided to pick the designer's brain on the Wii U and how the console market is shaping up. As it turns out, Jaffe isn't very excited by Wii U and he ultimately thinks consoles in general will soon be dinosaurs. (Culture, David Jaffe, Industry, Next-Gen, Tech)

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donniebaseball  +   1213d ago
I've been thinking this for a while actually, so I agree with Jaffe. In 10 years at a maximum the games as service model will take over. All games will be downloaded or probably streamed and consoles won't be needed.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1212d ago
I honestly have to disagree. Just look at Nintendo, the only reason they're in the hardware business is to deliver their software, but they'll never let their software breathe outside of their hardware...not anytime soon. That's the console business...
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Hisiru  +   1212d ago
Exactly, it's not like people will just forget Mario, God of War, Zelda, Forza etc.

Exclusive games will keep consoles alive. Some delusional/technologic enthusiasts thinks that Onlive will replace consoles. Lol.

I believe we will see an evolution. Better consoles with even more interactivity, social elements etc. It will become something that will always be connected to your TV.
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morganfell  +   1212d ago
Really Dave? What was that??? Wait a second, I know you....

LAZL0-Panaflex  +   1212d ago
So if u could get a full call of duty game with multiplayer for $10 on tablet or a smartphone and play with a sony/ms controller on any hd tv you think people wont want that more?.......

Hmm lets see.... Game console with shitty browser and just plays games For $60 a pop
For $399


a portable tv that streams, takes hd pictures videos, good prowser, streams porn, thousands of applications, makes calls, yahoo messenger,that u can sync any controllrt u want. And play $10 games that would cost $60 each on consoles.
. For $499
darthv72  +   1212d ago
extinct wouldnt be the right term
less desirable is more like it. At least from the casual majority perspective. There will always be a core minority that will prefer a console just like there is a core minority that prefers records to cd/mp3.
Hisiru  +   1212d ago
Do you play games or use your gaming devices for web browsing?

I would prefer to buy a true gaming machine with physical buttons + some true exclusives like God of War, Mario, Zelda, Uncharted, Metroid, Little Big Planet etc.

Seriously, it's even dumb to bring things like phone calls, web browser, applications, messenger etc because you already have web browser/messenger on your home PC/smartphone and you already have phone calls/applications on your regular android/ios device. It's not something new and everyone already have it.

We use consoles for gaming, not for smartphones/PC tasks we already have on several devices.
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blackbeld  +   1212d ago
No way.

After PS4 they will come with Virtual Helmet Consoles!

This will be great! ;)
GamingPerson  +   1212d ago
Coming from a console game creator.. Who knows I do think console games will take a turn for the worst because they are to mainstream.

1: $60 games
2: On The disk dlc
3:Cod the biggest game in the world and no dedicated servers or proper hit detection.
4:Online Pass
5:Supreme Court wants to stop used games.
6:US Government hacking old consoles for peoples info.
7:Developers leaving for Smart Phones
8:Smart TV's coming with cloud gaming end of 2012.
9:Games are becoming easier and more casual.
10:Gimmicky kinect and move

did I miss anything?

PC gamers have their own problems to.
1:Console ports
I would say hackers but you can switcher servers or kick people out.
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StarFox  +   1212d ago
sorry dude but im gonna say you and jaffe are delusional. you now how fast the internet in terms of advancement would have to be in 10 years in order to stream games. hell you know how much memory it would take to do that. sorry but console hardware is here to stay for a long time. too much money is being made from hardware to even consider that. you might possibly see the end of physical media though but hardware highly unlikely. BTW if there is no hardware where are you gonna stream games from. i mean a magic data stream can't magically pop out of nowhere and be able to stream and play games. your gonna have some type of hardware to stream it from so that in itself is pretty dumb.
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nintendojunkie28  +   1212d ago
Actually nintendo just announced 'Magic Data U',which in fact,magically streams games out of the ether and into your living room.

Nah,but seriously,you are dead on.
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-Alpha  +   1212d ago
On top of that: usage based billing. That crap sucks
Tachyon_Nova  +   1212d ago
What is this magical stream you talk of, do you not know about smart, internet connected TV's? Or even smartphone and tablets acting as hubs...
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   1212d ago
no they will shrink the files. they won't be 10 gigs they'll be half a gig no more than a gig.

google it....asus gaming tablet. its already happening. not the streaming,.. the tablets REPLACING the console. some are saying within a year. You gotta admit they been taking their sweet ass time with xbox 720 and ps4 and i don't think it is just the economy.

smart glass, vita/ console connectivity, wiiu controller,..the transition is happening. how long will these guys be ABLE to charge $400 for a piece of high voltage plastic that JUST plays game when they can get a console with a SCREEN that does other things...that also runs at a lower voltage, doesn't overheat. They don't even have air vents for crying out loud, they got quadcore processor, hd pics and video, and on and on and on.

don't worry psn will live on maybe not in name but google,android and sony will be one and im sure they'll keep killzone, infamous, and the other marquis going. remember you can sync a ds3 controller to these android gaming tablets. I'm sure you'll be able to do it with ios and windows as well even though they'll be separate communities.

the only question who will nintendo go with they can't stand up to apple, android/google/sony, and windows/ms.
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Morgue  +   1212d ago
Running Man
slixshot  +   1212d ago
Jaffe may have a fairly credible past in terms of the games he's made, but I'll take his prediction to such a large portion of the gaming industry lightly.
Hufandpuf  +   1212d ago
No they won't. I wonder why he would think that?
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Mastarace  +   1212d ago
I can see something like this. Right now there are many services on these systems. He means that games won't be the main focus and it will just be one thing the machine does. This was Microsoft intention from the start and sony to a certain extent.
FarCryLover182  +   1212d ago
Then me being a gamer will truthfully end.
archemides518  +   1212d ago
the next console generation will be the last because the economics of it will reach a tipping point where they won't be able to recoup the expenses of making AAA games on a general level. There will be no need for more powerful hardware if they can't pay people enough to create the titles, and nobody is going to buy games for much higher than what they sell for now. At some point, the financial resources are going to limit the development work, if it hasn't already. Cloud is also useless in this regard because it's about selling enough games to warrant creating them at such a high level.
Tuxedo_Mask  +   1212d ago
Extinct? You can still buy an Atari 2600 today if you want to.
DragonKnight  +   1212d ago
Oh for the love of... NO THEY WON'T! All these idiots thinking cloud services and tv streaming of games replacing consoles in 10 years are ignorant of network infrastructures, greed, and those who would never want an entirely cloud based gaming service. It's as simple as that. ISP's aren't suddenly going to become charitable and keep their bandwidth rates low, even in subscription services. The infrastructure needed for this is massive and already slow going. Many nations in the world have piss poor competition in ISP's so there are monopolies to overcome. There are so many hurdles to this it's insane.

Jaffe usually makes sense, but this time he should have just stayed quiet.
StarFox  +   1212d ago
remember when all the articles on here were saying mobile gaming was the future now the biggest mobile gaming conglomerate Zynga stocks drop because the lack of interest in mobile gaming. it just goes to show that all this doom and gloom talk is just that nothing but talk.
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Soldierone  +   1212d ago
And shortly before that Facebook was supposed to take over with gaming too. EA jumped that ship, a bunch of casual developer are slumping or getting bought out, and now even Facebook is slowly seeing a decline.
smashcrashbash  +   1212d ago
Consoles are for the normal people that don't know everything about smartphones and computers and just want to play games. A console is the thing you put in the living room so you and your family and friends can sit down and play games. I don't see families sit around the tablet or smartphone or computer to have family game night. As long as there are people who can profit off of people who prefer the simplicity consoles where you just put the game in and play and not have to worry if you have enough space to download a game or if your computer has the hardware to play it or if your internet is powerful enough, consoles are here to stay for a good while.
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Mastarace  +   1212d ago
ipads are extremely popular so you are wrong. on 360 there are games you need to know if it needs a HDD for co-op and online games. no offense but everything you just said is pure horse manure.
KMCROC54  +   1212d ago
smashcrashbash  +   1212d ago
So when you want to play games with your friends and family do you sit in front of your Ipad to play games? A console is there for you to sit on the couch with your family and play games. I play SSB and many games with my sisters on Sunday night. How the hell am i supposed to do that on an Ipad? Prop it up and we all touch the screen?

Despite what everyone trying to crowd out consoles they have their place in the gaming world and i am not sure why people are always trying to crowd them out as fast as they can.The only people I see so far trying to say the smartphones and tablets will replace consoles are the people who own them trying to justify their purchases and the companies that make them.
Soldierone  +   1212d ago
Jaffe should team up with Pachter and create a show called "BS Things We Say About the Future of Consoles" with the sub name "Apple Will Take Over the World"

Jaffe I like your comedic humor and some things you say about video games, but comments like this keep me in check on what I read from you.
Ducky  +   1212d ago
... add Molyneux and you have a show.
ChunkyLover53  +   1212d ago
Ya, ya, and 10 years ago they said by 2005 you wouldn't be able to buy CD's in the store anymore because of digital downloads. We still don't have a clear end in site for physical CD's as they sell hundreds of millions of copies that way.

I do think there might be options for cloud gaming, much like there is right now, but it'll go largely ignored, much like it is right now.

Bandwidth limits, slow speeds and a lack of iconic franchises will probably help Cloud gaming to not really capture a majority share. People will always want their Gears, Halo, Uncharted, Mario and Zelda, and I highly doubt the companies that own those characters would ever agree to let them appear on someone else' console.
kevnb  +   1212d ago
retail music has shrunk considerably, and many stores that used to carry tons only have top 40 pop crap. Selling a million cds now would be like selling 10 million a decade ago, its on life support.

PC gaming is always a bit ahead of consoles because of the audience, but look at whats happening there. Free to play games of increasing quality, games that anyone can play that expand to mobile platforms, digital downloads of traditional games at deeply discounted prices, more ways to get connected to your tv (wireless solutions are even starting to pop up), and big profits that 99% of the big budget games don't see any more.
Consoles have to adjust to this. I think sony and nintendo are ready... but microsoft is letting windows die in the consumer market right in front of their faces (which means their plans for xbox are ****ed.) Their idea of having us buy cheap garbage every 2 years is failing, consumers want something good for their money.
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ChunkyLover53  +   1212d ago
Physical media is still over 50% of all sales, I know I tend to buy more CD's than I download. If I download something its usually not paid for.

I don't care for PC gaming, don't own a PC and don't really care to. I think PC games have issues all there own with DRM and the massive pirating that goes on with that particular device.

I'll always buy a game console if its available, the day it stops being that way is the day I stop gaming, or at least stop with newer games. I already spend a lot of my game time on retro games and consoles, and I'll always have those.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1212d ago
I don't think they'll be "extinct" but after PS4 and 720 arrive we won't be seeing anything about PS5 for a good while.
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the worst  +   1212d ago
Jaffe will be extinct after next-gen
KMCROC54  +   1212d ago
hopefully before next gen so we don't get to hear his rants on anything.
kevnb  +   1212d ago
Jaffe saying this will make playstation fanboy heads explode.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1212d ago
Why only PS fanboys?
Kran  +   1212d ago
What do you think of your Playstation king (or prince...) now people?

Sorry. Had to say that since there are a lot of Jaffe worshipers around.
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RespectedDesperado  +   1212d ago
Consoles are slowly becoming PCs these days so I can see them going bye bye.
PersonMan  +   1212d ago
PC gaming has it's own problems.

1, I have to use windows, which I hate anyway.
2, on a console, you can navigate the entire interface from the controller
3, consoles start up in a few seconds
4, Keyboard and mouse isn't comfortable to me
5, I sit at a computer all day at work, I don't want to sit at one at home too
6, I'd rather sit on my couch or bed instead of at a desk (I know I can hook up a computer to a TV, but then I need a mouse and keyboard near by and that just gets messy)
7, For me, PC never "just works" because there will be some games that need newer drivers to work correctly and then older games might stop working all together eventually (from OS upgrades and other bugs)... especially when older games don't know how to deal with the newer hardware/software.
8, Sometimes a windows game will crash on me for no reason, but console games never crash on me.
9, Most console games don't need to be installed, but on Windows, there are very lengthy installs (remembers GTA IV taking forever).
10, Consoles have a unified network service (PSN or XBL), but PC games seem to all have their own online thing, so you end up signing up for a lot of different networks... You have Steam, Windows Games, EA's Origin, Ubisoft's thing, Rockstar Social Club... see what I mean?
11, You don't have to upgrade a game console to get better graphics, but somehow the graphics keep getting better each year.
12, It's way easier to find friends who have an xbox or PS3 (or get them to buy one) than trying to convince a friend to get a high end PC to play a game with you).
13, It's really hard to have a local multiplayer game on PC... most PC games are single player or on LAN (that means you can't just play split screen with a buddy unless he brings his computer over to have a LAN session with you).

There's just so many reasons why PC just doesn't cut it for me.
Knushwood Butt  +   1212d ago
Jaffe will be extinct after the next gen.
KMCROC54  +   1212d ago
maybe before .
BoNeSaW23  +   1212d ago
HA! My thoughts exactly!
Knushwood Butt  +   1212d ago
bubs up
KMCROC54  +   1212d ago
Heres a wired one maybe David Jaffe will be extinct before next Gen. what a shame.
BoNeSaW23  +   1212d ago
A shame really? Did you play his last game?
2pacalypsenow  +   1212d ago
Then Good thing i just bought a gtx 690
josephayal  +   1212d ago
New GEN of Portables
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   1212d ago
David Jaffe is a FUCKING idiot !!!
Nac  +   1212d ago
If they way we play goes, so does what we play.
KeiKei  +   1212d ago
Internet Caps will still be effective for people and Not everyone has Internet. Extinct he shouldn't say because of this. Many people are collectors of physical copies. Collectors edition will also be extinct as well? I think not.
People don't have time like some of us to build a PC. People are in debt with their bills and whenever they want to have some fun, they go to an already made gaming machine which is a Console.

trust me when I say this.. consoles are here to stay.
Halochampian  +   1212d ago
It takes less than an hour to build a PC...
KeiKei  +   1211d ago
thats not the point. I know how to build a PC. PC Gamers know how to build a PC. what about the people that don't know how to build one? People will start researching... then after most of them give up cause its too much.
Stallion  +   1212d ago
You know, I was coming into this article thinking I was going to bash him, but it's actually intelligent. The reason it changed is WHY he thinks consoles will die, and it's a good prediction at that.
Stallion  +   1212d ago
There was a time where arcade games dominated. There was a time where consoles dominated. And there will be a time where the internet dominates.
PersonMan  +   1212d ago
If that's the case, then I guess I won't be gaming after next gen. I really like to own my games and be able to play them offline.

This got me thinking... what's going to happen to this gen when Sony stops supporting it? Am I still going to be able to download DLC that I've paid for? (Probably not) are game updates still going to be downloadable? Is my PSN account still going to work? It kinda worries me how connected we are to the internet and rely on it so much.

I'm sorry, but I don't want my games to be installed on some cloud server somewhere... I want them in my possession, on my own hardware... free to sell, or trade, or simply let a friend borrow.
mochachino  +   1212d ago
Maybe so, but Jaffe became extinct this generation. He hasn't made anything of note.
BoNeSaW23  +   1211d ago
1000% AGREE!!!
Kidmyst  +   1212d ago
What will kill consoles is Money and supply and demand. If we gamers keep buying them making it profitable to Manufacturers then they'll still make consoles. I hope it doesn't get to a world of just streaming, consoles seem to push the industry forward with good competition and streaming will hit limits faster then consoles with bandwith limits and such. Maybe some tech person will prove otherwise. Plus I like my physical media, if I feel like Playing a Sega CD game I can hook up my console now and play.

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