Now your Xbox Avatar can take an arrow in the knee in Skyrim Avatar Marketplace update

From "Now you can pay to have your Xbox Live Avatar become a former adventurer like me and take an arrow in the knee. I mean, it's what we all wanted right?"

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BlmThug1835d ago

Isnt 240 MSP 3 dollars?

Auron1835d ago

240points is 3 dollars.

SSKILLZ1835d ago

O_O wow really ?....XD

Valenka1835d ago

Lmao it's hilarious, but not really worth money.

user54670071835d ago

Bit late now...the joke was overdone ages ago

Spenok1834d ago

Lol seriously. I can't believe they did this. Kind of sad really, and not only that, but they are charging you for it :/