PS4 Less Powerful Than The Nintendo WiiU? Dream On, Says Shuhei Yoshida

''Nintendo is getting the jump on Sony and Microsoft this year with the release of the WiiU. And while neither Sony nor Microsoft is ready to share official details and specs regarding their next home console, Sony Worldwide Studios head honcho Shuhei Yoshida makes it clear that the PS4 won’t be outdone in terms of power when compared to the WiiU.''

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NYC_Gamer2170d ago

PS4/720 will both use more advanced hardware than Wii-U...

NastyLeftHook02170d ago

yeah playstation always uses high end tech, there not cheap.

live2play2170d ago

neither can you with their 599 price tag

Virtual_Reality2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

I don't know if you notice, but one of the main reasons why the PS3 was expensive, is mainly because of the Blu ray. A stand alone Blu ray device was at $800+ in 2006.
And the PS3 was $600 including all the other features.

The PS4 will have Blu ray, and now a stand alone Blu ray device cost $200 or less.

Moncole2170d ago

You do know the PS2 was the weakest console last gen and the PS1 was weaker than the N64?

NastyLeftHook02170d ago

599 is a steal. i would have paid 1500 bucks for the experience ps3 games have given me like heavy rain, god of war, uncharted, demons souls metal gear ect ect ect ect.

Revolver_X_2170d ago

How long was PS2 out before Xbox and Gamecube? Exactly. Did Xbox or Gamecube get the longevity support lasting almost a decade? Troll fail

yabhero2170d ago

Guess you weren't around with PSX and PS2, when they were last tech wise. I love Sony but people need to stop pretending they were always a tech beast.

3GenGames2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

PSX released after PS2 idiot. Now learn that PSX doesn't mean MOTHER F***ING PS1. It never released in the USA either!!!!

Sorry, just get mad at people using that term so wrong. P***es me the f*** off.

gaden_malak2170d ago

If that pi**es you off, you need anger management. Such a small thing to get angry about.

jetlian2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

psx was originally known in the west as the japanese ps1. I dont know why usa mags said psx tho. 3gengames

this the first time sony really stepped up on tech

stragomccloud2170d ago

Well this generation they did. PS1 and PS2 weren't exactly top of the line when they came out. PS3 and PSP on the other hand, very advanced for their time!

Hisiru2170d ago

I loved my PSX/PS1 (it's the same thing, right?) console!

EeJLP-2170d ago

Intelligent/Well Said

PSX is an actual product released in Japan. It was a PS2 & DVR combo player.

PS1 (the original PlayStatin) is not a PSX.

PlayStation X [or PS-X or PlayStation Experimental] was the code name for the original PlayStation prototype, but it dropped the X before it was released.

PS = PlayStation (the brand as a whole)
PS1 = PlayStation (the first PlayStation console)
PS2 = PlayStation 2
PSX = PlayStation 2 & DVR combo released in Japan

PS3, PSP.. pretty self explanatory.

Now the only problem is the Vita. It's PS Vita officially, but that's a bit long for an acronym or abbreviation, so.. PSV or Vita?

MaxXAttaxX2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

People forget that the launch price for the base PS3 model was $499.
You weren't forced to buy the $599 model, like people seem to make it sound.

And yeah, it's true that PS systems weren't always the highest spec consoles aside from the PS3.
BUT what PS consoles have always delivered is GAMES.

RevXM2170d ago

Im going to expect that Sony makes the most powerful and competent machine next gen also.

Ps1 and Ps2 were not the strongest but the three latest Playstation Consoles have all been the most powerful. PSP, Ps3 and the very recent VITA.
So I reckon that PS4 will follow that trend.

I bet sony's Playstation division and Kaz loves gamers. Loves to satisfy us because they know we love them and that true gamers never die so we are a reliable market if they can please us.

And nothing is more pleasing to a gamer than a quality console packed with features, and getting a satisfying amount of supersauce exclusives. I think Playstation will be THE GAMER console and perhaps also the entertainment system.

And I dont care what the Ps4 will cost, If sony makes the best I will pay a suitable price.
High spec is worth it to me especially in a console or Gaming rig because I can rest assured that I wont need to uppgrade anytime soon and the games will look great until the next gen arrives, or in the Pc world I might skip one gen or two. 1 gen is a year or so on pc's.

High spec systems always deliver more features and better entertainment capabilities such as the PS3, Xbox and the Vita.

I hope Ps4 will be pretty much just like what Ps3 was back in 06.
But instead of expensive new Gameformats and Super experimental CPU, I rather see those efforts in to more graphics, RAM and an SSD this time since a Power8 CPU and Blu-ray will do just fine for the timeframe I imagine that the Ps4 should launch in.

Shane Kim2170d ago

Not true. PSX was the slim PS1 here in europe.

blackbeld2169d ago

Shane Kim is right.

PSX was the PS1 in Europe. And was released after the PS2. After that they came with PS2 Slim models.

EeJLP-2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )


Unless you can show otherwise, that's a PAL PlayStation slim.. "PSone".


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morkendo232170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

Make's me wonder how strong the PS4 will actually be.

OhMyGandhi2169d ago

lol at the disagrees.
Ignorance is bliss...

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sandman2242170d ago

If you ask me the playstation brand is the only thing keeping Sony afloat.

HarryMasonHerpderp2170d ago

What's that got to do with anything?

Blastoise2170d ago

Its not like Sony make Laptops, TV's and MP3 players...oh wait...

Canas20102170d ago

Don't forget movies too.

andibandit2170d ago

I dont know what this had to do with anything,to the other 2, he was referring to Sony's 4 billion deficit, and that Sony's been loosing profit in alot of their other departments, especially TV.

one2thr2170d ago

Sony also publish movies and tv shows as well... Sony is a huge industry, it doesnt only focus on electronics you know... Just sayin

moparful992170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

Don't forget they are the worlds largest manufacturer of Cinema cameras and film, they also produce a BOAT load of personal cameras and camcorders. Sony has been hurting financially because their company is fragmented, no 1 division has anything to do with another and the company became so bloated that when the economy whent to hell in a handbasket they had to downsize dramatically.. Hence why they have a new worldwide president and they are restructuring dramatically.. They were always going to lose more before they gained but with the playstation brand beins so healthy and the revenue they make of of the movie industry they will right the ship, just takes time guys

namyrb2170d ago

I believe that either Kodak or Fuji are the largest manufacturers of motion picture film... I don't think Sony even makes motion picture film. They are the largest manufacturer of tape stock (Beta, Digibeta, HDCAM SR etc.) used for TV and cinema, but not motion picture film.

AIndoria2170d ago

@Namyrb : Ever heard of google? Use it mate.