Burnout Paradise Comparison: Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3

Video comparison of the biggest release in January. Which version comes out on top?

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MaximusPrime3689d ago

let the flamebaits begins. i know which one is better, and Criterion is right.

PS3 that is.

Mr Marbles3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

the 360 version was a tiny bit more sharp. Just a small bit, not buy much. Which is odd, if this game was developed on PS3, shouldn't it be blowing the 360 version away? I mean you got the "Power of the Cell" and all.

blacsheep3689d ago

love the sarcasm and all but the reason it was developed with the ps3 as the lead platform was not to make it graphically better even though it is that cant be helped 'power of the cell' and all, but as many developers have stated using ps3 as the lead platform helps make the experience for 360 owners better aswell as multiplatform releases better because we all know EA cant do it the other way round by using 360 as the lead platform look at madden for example,using ps3 as lead everyone wins

Johnny Blaze3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )


MaximusPrime3689d ago

@ Johnny Blaze:

Yea true,

xbox 360 has 50 achievements to do whereas PS3 has 60 awards to do.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3689d ago

Criterion purposely made the ps3 version look better graphically. Though for true gamers there isn't a noticeable difference. I still say they look the same. (And yes i'm still a sony fanboy)


Diselage3689d ago

Yet another game that EA has set out in the world with marginal differences between formats.

Rice3689d ago

well at least both versions are playable, no framerate issues, textures pop in's etc...unlike some other multiplatform games.. cough...Orange box

solar3689d ago

OB pc version is amazing. im so glad i didnt get the ps3 versiom.

Shankle3689d ago

Lol there's no problem at all with the PS3 Orange Box. I've never encountered framerate issues while playing any of it. Though I haven't got to Episode 2 yet where the issues are supposed to be worse.

Chug3689d ago

...Mine is bigger than yours.

(Here we go again)

boodybandit3689d ago

Well I can knock the cap off of a Coke bottle from 10 feet away without getting a drop on the bottle!


You bought an Xbox3689d ago

I eat consatina wire and p1ss na-pom and i can shoot a round through a flea's asshole from 200 meters so go hump sombody eles's leg mutt face before i DISAGREE

Hell i DISAGREE anyway cause i'm the DISAGREE BANDIT

Chug3689d ago

I disagree with all your disagreeing.

Bebedora3689d ago

Thanks for a good laugh! :)

addition to that: boobybandit - Hilarious.

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