Half-Tuck Back in The Last Of Us, A Tribute To Drake?

Joel's character design in The Last of Us seems to be Naughty Dog's idea of harking back to Nathan Drake's fashion sense.

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Y_51502104d ago

It was half-tuck because he hand a handgun right there. But yeah they are bringing it back!

floetry1012103d ago

He's reminiscent of Drake in a number of ways. With the long sleeves pulled up and the slightly cautious hunched walk. Wouldn't be surprised if they altered Drake's character model and used a few of the same animations for Joel.

Mr_Kuwabara2103d ago

The game does resemble the Uncharted franchise a lot. From the character movements, towards there social interaction (Drake with Sully for example). It is a game from Naughty Dog after all.

h311rais3r2103d ago

Well games from the same developer tend to share similarities. (unreal tournament/gears for example)

leogets2103d ago

The guy who plays joels motion cap is different to nolan. Theres only so many ways people move right.