Sound Shapes hands-on Preview [NoobFeed]

Queasy Games' long-awaited Vita debut is shaping up soundly. Callum Rakestraw from NoobFeed takes on Sound Shapes. Temptation is a powerful force -- we all persue collectables wherever possible, no matter how percariously placed or tedious the task of obtaining them are -- and the community is sure to exploit it.

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geniusgamerdoc1925d ago

Its on my Preorder list nonetheless.

GribbleGrunger1925d ago

same here. i'm a LBP fan and i like creating music too. PERFECT

crazytechfanatic1924d ago

Never heard of this. Interesting

donsterydo1924d ago

Looks like it could be goooooood. Will try it out.

Jonmau51924d ago

Something else good coming to the Vita :) Sweet!