Battlefield 3 Conquest in Real Life

DSOGaming writes: "Israeli Animation College Production created an amazing video, in which they showcase Battlefield 3′s Conquest mode in real life."

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krisq1447d ago

Very nice!! HUD is missing though :)

morganfell1446d ago

And no one moves that slow to and from the flags in BF3.

rataranian1447d ago

How about just fix the damn servers so I can get a full game!?

Waddy1011447d ago

Don't know what planet you're on, this is a fan-made BF3 video..

rataranian1445d ago

Im talking about the actual game, not this video.

Spenok1446d ago

Lamo good video. However I would suggest not having the freeway clearly visible in the background at the end xD