Black Ops 2 demos on Jimmy Fallon

Xbigy Games Writes: Jimmy Fallon was joined by Activison CEO Eric Hershberg to demo Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on his talk show.

Black Ops 2 is attempting to create a less linear experience as the footage shows a Strikebox Mission where players can "go anywhere and play the level any way you want". Here you can take control of any machinery or members of your squad, giving you more options on the battlefield. You can even command your team to move in to certain areas.

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cstyle2043d ago

and showing it off on xbox 360, has the industry changed.

Fishy Fingers2043d ago

Is COD ever shown running on anything else?

Crazyglues2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

@ Fishy Fingers

Yeah I think that was the point he was being sarcastic... LoL


WildArmed2043d ago

Lol, Jimmy is always soo confused when he tries the game. And lol @ the activision guy just keep badmouthing how bad he is.