Kipman Believes Kinect is the “First Step in Making Technology Disappear”

ZG writes: Alex Kipman, the brainchild behind Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 believes that people haven’t realized that technology is “luring them away from humanity,” but that Kinect could be the beginning of a shift in the industry toward a “more human path.”

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2137d ago
dangert122137d ago

It is, but It's aweful...If you asking me for my opinion.

It's like a creation a young scientist full of potential made at home and instead of working to perfect his fault product he sold it to unawares

GribbleGrunger2136d ago

i still can't understand how moving my thumb 3 cm is less intuitive than gesturing left and right and saying 'Xbox play'

the emperors new clothes


I see what you did there... Or maybe, I can't see it.

GribbleGrunger2136d ago

I hope you can see it! otherwise i've been had

sprinterboy2136d ago

I personally prefer to scan the movies/music. I never really know what I am in the mood for, so I prefer the analogue to scroll down the selections/catalogues, but its certainly a good option to have when needed if u know what film u want to watch imo

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