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Kipman Believes Kinect is the “First Step in Making Technology Disappear”

ZG writes: Alex Kipman, the brainchild behind Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 believes that people haven’t realized that technology is “luring them away from humanity,” but that Kinect could be the beginning of a shift in the industry toward a “more human path.” (Alex Kipman, Industry, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

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bizatto   806d ago | Spam
dangert12  +   806d ago
It is, but It's aweful...If you asking me for my opinion.

It's like a creation a young scientist full of potential made at home and instead of working to perfect his fault product he sold it to unawares
GribbleGrunger  +   805d ago
i still can't understand how moving my thumb 3 cm is less intuitive than gesturing left and right and saying 'Xbox play'

the emperors new clothes
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   805d ago
I see what you did there... Or maybe, I can't see it.
GribbleGrunger  +   805d ago
I hope you can see it! otherwise i've been had
asmith2306  +   805d ago
Eh... what?
sprinterboy  +   805d ago
I personally prefer to scan the movies/music. I never really know what I am in the mood for, so I prefer the analogue to scroll down the selections/catalogues, but its certainly a good option to have when needed if u know what film u want to watch imo
mcstorm  +   805d ago
To me Kinect is not there to replace what we already have but to help make what we have better. Yes it is easy to use a remote to change channel or even a joypad but saying change channel or pause is just as easy and a nice thing to have there have been a few times where the phone has ran and ive been watching something on Netflix and ive said xbox pause rather than having to turn my controller back on and then press the pause button.

I don't ever see Kinect replacing any of the tech we have now but working with the tech we have now is a + imo and as more and more people start to find new ways to use the tech its going to get better over time and be used in lots of different places.

Yes its not for everyone I know but my granddad who is 83 struggles using a remote control on his tv and dvd player yet when I showed him a simple hand movement on Kinect and he had a go he could use it and found it very simple to do and him saying xbox play, Pause ect was easer for him to do than try and find a button on a remote.

I just wish people would stop hating technology for example people who like Iphones thing everything else is rubbish and the other way round for WP7 or Android users.

We all like different things as we are all individuals and this is why we have choice in life. If more people spent time doing things they enjoyed doing than moaning about things they don't like you may find that person would be happier in life as just because you like something dose not mean you are wrong and because they don't like it dose not mean they are wrong.
cstyle  +   805d ago
While Move is just dying a slow and lonely death.
DigitalRaptor  +   805d ago
Keep telling yourself that whilst high profile games like Ghost Recon, Portal 2, Dust 514, BioShock Infinite are getting support from their developers. The more respected developers that get on board the more gamers will see it as a viable option.

And PS Move is not gonna go away, not even next gen.
cstyle  +   805d ago
"Keep telling yourself that whilst high profile games like Ghost Recon, Portal 2, Dust 514, BioShock Infinite are getting support from their developers"

And none of those are games developed for move. They just support move which is different than being built from the ground up. Face it, move games are pretty much non existent. Before move launched sony claimed they had massive 3rd party devs who were developing titles specifically for it. Where are the games? people didn't buy it to play games that they can play using the DS3. Besides sorcery there hasn't been much and even E-3 showed nothing.
raymantalk1  +   805d ago

not showing your 360 fanboyism there are you :)

ps also trolling
raymantalk1  +   805d ago
ive had kinect it is ok but the lag kills it for serious gaming any true gamer would admit this.

i have Move and even with all the hate it gets any true gamer has to admit that it does work no lag very accurate and good most game types where as kinect is not.

the one thing i do like about kinect is the speech recognition but i would like ms to remove the need to say xbox before every command also i think if sony wanted they could implement speech recognition with software and the eyetoy multi direction microphones i would like to see this happen on the ps3 but i think it most likely wont.

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