Epileptic Gaming: Playboy's Miss February 2008 Geek Quiz

Epileptic Gaming asked Playboy's Miss February, Michelle McLaughlin, a few geeky questions that all geeks should know. Her answers prove she's not quite a geek, but they were still entertaining nonetheless.

Published: 01.16.08

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Charlie26883537d ago

Yeah I remember this one I saw it live it was HILARIOUS DJ gave her points even when she COMPLETELY F-CKED UP the answer and she also created one of THE best quotes of the internet...

just listen to her answer about the founder of Microsoft it is F-CKING classic like me you will probably be repeating it ALL the time (they do it now on the show)

Relcom3536d ago

So you should say an instant classic. Love the show EG 4 LIFE!!!!

Relcom3536d ago

Check out EG's Tom Cruise Parody it happened Friday. If you follow the show you will find unbearably funny.

SpikeSpiegel3536d ago

Michael Microsoft??!!!! **dies laughing**

gamesR4fun3536d ago

at least on her part wouda made this easier to watch...

solar3536d ago

listen to them all gravel over her. nerds...