Peter Molyneux will be “shocked” if anyone buys “amazing cheat” £50,000 diamond chisel

Peter Molyneux will be “shocked” if someone buys the £50,000 diamond chisel for his upcoming ‘experiment’ Curiosity. The game designer made the comments while speaking at BAFTA’s Games Industry Question Time, and says the most amazing thing awaits at the centre.

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wagnus1988d ago

He's hoping for handouts. So bad.

Knowing gamers lately, although, I wouldn't be surprised if they ordered a refund for this P.O.S. DLC because what was at the center of the cube didn't meet their expectations.

Molyneux can't possibly concoct something so seemingly wonderful.

joab7771988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

If someone does and it doesn't meet their expectations, it will go to the supreme court and they will want more than their money back. Watch, it will happen unless there is money or something in there.

No_Pantaloons1988d ago

I'll be "shocked" if anyone buys his next game.

kingdavid1988d ago

I will be buying it. Peter Molyneux is a genius.

Scarfy1988d ago

He was when he was giving us Syndicate, Populous, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, and Theme Hospital.

Today, I'm not so sure.

kostchtchie_1988d ago

ha ha.. i was rolling about for an hour, thank you my friend, may you live to be thousand years old :P

SnakeCQC1988d ago

cant you just hack the game to make ordinary chisels 200,000 times faster lol

SeekDev1988d ago

Or, as an alternative, wouldn't whatever is in the cube be in the source code? Crack the source code, crack the cube.

Alos881988d ago

What will be inside the cube? trollface.jpg probably.

matgrowcott1988d ago

I'd be shocked if nobody bought it. There's the option there and somebody with too much money and not enough patience will find themselves convincing themselves it's a good buy.

It also wouldn't surprise me if they got a refund as a "goodwill" "this was an experiment" sort of thing.

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