New Easter Eggs in "Max Payne 3" information that might suggest GTA V

It's no secret that Rockstar Games, has regularly included in his references to games or projects previously lanlado also to be launched in future. This is especially evident in the line of Grand Theft Auto, where fans have become accustomed, every new game in the series contains "easter eggs", as to factors that are often quite interesting.

More enjoyable for us is that the new Max Payne 3, not only broke the tradition of carrying a certain amount of allusions to the two predecessors, but also for the first time in as many as handsome, developers to color a mention of their other games, including (but announced) Grand Theft Auto V.

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acemonkey2108d ago

lol last week it was a bike

ehuipe2108d ago

Why is a game development studio receiving a gendered pronoun? Will no one stop the madness?

claud32103d ago

More of this crap. Come on, the game is going to come