These are the games of Kirby’s Dream Collection Special Edition

The full lineup of games for Kirby’s Dream Collection Special Edition has been revealed.

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Y_51501871d ago

I will pass on this. I'm a big Kirby fan.

3GenGames1870d ago

Me too...but the difference is own all these, I have a good excuse. And Kirby 64 was so neat. Love that game.

Y_51501870d ago

Well I might change my mind, it depends of the price of this collection. I own crystal shards and played many of the classics.

1870d ago
jjdoyle1870d ago

awesome sauces! price?

DarkBlood1870d ago

probably 40 dollars like the allstars collection

jjdoyle1870d ago

but kirby aint mario! come on nintendo make this $20 and deal.

DarkBlood1870d ago

you can bet ur ass its not going to be 20 dollars considering its coming with a history bookley and soundtrack