E3 2012: Project P-100 is a Viewtiful Example of the Wii U’s Potential

Justin Berube of RipTen writes: "One part Viewtiful Joe and one part Pikmin, Project P-100 from Platinum Games might be one of the most exciting exclusives for the Wii U. What’s so weird is that this game, to be published by Nintendo, wasn’t even shown at the press conference, and it really should have been because the game is fun!

Project P-100, name not final, is kind of like an action beat’em up game with a few puzzle elements. Nintendo officially defines the genre as, “Mass-Hero Action”."

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PaladinXII2173d ago

This looks like a must-have launch title... assuming it makes it.

Vivalajmax2173d ago

Loved what I saw at the show, really hoping this becomes a sleeper hit.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2173d ago

This game look awesome and 4 player co op makes even better

ShaunCameron2172d ago

This might be to the WiiU what Viewtiful Joe was to the GameCube. A criminally-overlooked gem. So far Nintendo has given me a good enough reason to buy a WiiU.