E3 2012: The Games We Wanted to See and Didn't

There were many hot titles showcased at this year's E3. Unfortunately not all of the ones that we were hoping to see made an appearance.

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flavorbabies1925d ago

I'd also like to see more cross play functionality.

mewhy321924d ago

Well I wanted to see the last guardian, which was the primary reason I bought my ps3 slim. I've yet to see anything that makes me believe it will release on ps3. I think it will, more than likely, be released on ps4. I read in an interview joystic that the game was experiencing "technical" issues.

WillGuitarGuy1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

If I remember correctly, didn't Sony say they wouldn't announce any release date for The Last Guardian until the game was perfect? They shouldn't have shown as much footage as they did years ago.

I'm still waiting Team Ico! Why won't you take the money I'm throwing at you?!

StarFox1925d ago

Star Fox is all i wanted to see

ReservoirDog3161925d ago

Kingdom Hearts HD Collection with KH1, 2, CoM, 365/2 and BBS included...

That rumor not showing up at E3 really gutted me.

Treezy5041925d ago

Yeah I was hoping that rumor would be true... hopefully at TGS

ReservoirDog3161925d ago

Haha, mhm.

It is* japanese anyways....

linkratos1925d ago

Retro Studios was also oddly absent :(
2 games I've most been looking forward to

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