PS Vita firmware update 1.69 disappoints again

Product-Reviews writes: We don’t want to sound too harsh since we love our Vita, but there comes a time when Sony needs to provide a little more clarity on these frequent security and stability software updates that they keep bringing out on PS3 and Vita, at the expense of new functionality, simple functionality improvements that owners are begging Sony to implement.

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danswayuk2136d ago

We really need a real firmware update ASAP, or shall I say one that brings new features that are worthwhile.

Karum2136d ago

Which features would you like to see?

Diver2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago ) disappoints again.

FragGen2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

PS1, Youtube, Comics Support, an Email app. Do you want me to go on? I (heart) my Vita but the firmware updates have been a bit slow/unimpressive, IMHO.

MaxXAttaxX2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

and a bit ignorant.

Sony announces a minor OPTIONAL update improving software stability. Not Mandatory. And these people expected more than that? It makes no sense.
And Adobe stopped supporting Flash for mobile devices last year.

They are under the assumption that all of their concerns and every feature should be addressed and implemented with every security patch not meant to do so. They used a minor software update as an excuse to write another generic article complaining.

YouTube App, PS1 classics, Remote play, better HTML5 support, etc are all in coming this summer.

hay2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

@NathanExplosion: +1, exactly my thoughts.

But to add to the topic I need to mention that if you do software, and you want it to be quality stuff for product that will generate ongoing revenue, you're gonna update it like hell. Polish and iron out every minor issue and instability to PREVENT or FIX any problems customers might have.

And Sony is doing that just fine. They offer nice balance between defensive updates and new features.

Please note also that this update is, quote: "optional" and "minor".

Conzul2136d ago

The Music Player App doesn't even let you make a simple playlist

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SoundGamer2136d ago

One is coming for the Vita this summer. It will bring quite a few big changes.

The one thing I would love an update for is the UI though. I ran out of space and these icons/pages are a little annoying. I would prefer folders or some other form of organization.

GribbleGrunger2136d ago

i didn't realise they'd already released this before

-Alpha2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Sure, but this is a security update, and this article is using it as leverage to complain about desired features. This isn't meant to be anything more than a security patch, the matter of 1.69 disappointing is nothing but a way to add fire to an otherwise generic, typical "Top x Features we want from Vita" list.

andrewsqual2136d ago

What he said. I read that it increases security and that it was NOT mandatory. I took my own time to manually update the Vita because I just wanted to. Just the title of this article alone makes the author look like a complete retard. I wasn't disappointed with it. What kind of a twat sets them self up for such a disappointement. I guess the author can't wait for DMC and RE6 either, dumbass.

Diver2136d ago

what these guys above me said. on the flippin money.

tr00p3r2136d ago

Really interesting to see the aggressive nature of the replies here, compared to the actual insightful comments in the article.

I agree with what FragGen is saying. Firmware updates have definitely been unimpressive.. you are all kidding yourselves by defending Sony on this aspect. I've had the 3G Vita since December.. how hard would it have been to put YouTube at launch? It's great that it's coming just now, but come on..these are really simple apps.

Spotify, email, HTML5, remote play, PS1 classics, flash support, bluetooth that actually works. Do you want me to go on?

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JoGam2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

NO ONE wants to click the link to your article. When Sony decides to release features customer wants you will get it. When its ready. NO NEED to write an article everytime you dont get what you want. SMH!

EDIT: @ Danswayuk...What YOU need to do is buy some games for your Vita and STOP worry about firmware updates. Sony SAID we will get youtube at the end of month. AT THE END OF MONTH, NOT June 11th.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2136d ago

It's optional and they stated before they released it that it was only a stability update. How were you disappointed?

firelogic2136d ago

People don't read anymore. And if they do, they have zero reading comprehension.

WildArmed2136d ago

Not surprised since it was a optional update (I think).

Plus, we haven't had a solid firmware update on the PS3 for awhile too.

I try not to look forward to firmware updates anymore, it helps me be satisfied with the little somethings we do get, than the things we don't.

"Heeey, it's a stability update. Now Uncharted 2 won't freeze on me! (I hope). YAY."

SoundGamer2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

One is coming for the PS3 though. FW update v4.20. Supposedly a major update:

It will likely be in conjunction with this summer's big PS Vita update.

WildArmed2136d ago

Interesting, thanks. They usually do-do a firmware update whenever they release an accessory.

ricky3602136d ago

It's fair to say we knew what this update was, but I agree with the author that Sony need to deliver updates with real features.

danswayuk2136d ago

What new features do you want from a future firmware?

MasterCornholio2136d ago

Did everyone suffer amnesia or something? Because if I recall correctly Sony at E3 said that before summer they would release a firmware update for the Vita that will enable PSX support

I'm I wrong about this? Also since we are talking about firmware updates, when was the last time that Nintendo released a major firmware update for the 3DS and how often do they update it with extra features? Does the 3DS even have a HD YouTube app? I'm curious because I can't find the information anywhere.


nukeitall2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

I don't know, this pattern is consistent with what Sony has done in the past with the PS3. Why are anyone surprised this is repeating with the PS Vita?

Also, "stability" is just a fancy word for bug-fixes without the negative connotation. Sony releasing bug-fixes is a good thing though!


Did Nintendo advertise YouTube app for the 3DS? If not, why would you expect it?

I think this is more a case of Sony setting up expectations, that Sony fail to meet. I personally think level of complaint might be a little pre-mature as the system has only been out 6-months or so.

Maybe Sony should have delayed some of the announcements so not to upset gamers waiting.

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