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Submitted by danswayuk 1341d ago | opinion piece

PS Vita firmware update 1.69 disappoints again

Product-Reviews writes: We don’t want to sound too harsh since we love our Vita, but there comes a time when Sony needs to provide a little more clarity on these frequent security and stability software updates that they keep bringing out on PS3 and Vita, at the expense of new functionality, simple functionality improvements that owners are begging Sony to implement. (PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

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danswayuk  +   1341d ago
We really need a real firmware update ASAP, or shall I say one that brings new features that are worthwhile.
Karum  +   1341d ago
Which features would you like to see?
Diver  +   1341d ago disappoints again.
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FragGen  +   1341d ago
PS1, Youtube, Comics Support, an Email app. Do you want me to go on? I (heart) my Vita but the firmware updates have been a bit slow/unimpressive, IMHO.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1341d ago
Article is idiotic
and a bit ignorant.

Sony announces a minor OPTIONAL update improving software stability. Not Mandatory. And these people expected more than that? It makes no sense.
And Adobe stopped supporting Flash for mobile devices last year.

They are under the assumption that all of their concerns and every feature should be addressed and implemented with every security patch not meant to do so. They used a minor software update as an excuse to write another generic article complaining.

YouTube App, PS1 classics, Remote play, better HTML5 support, etc are all in coming this summer.
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hay  +   1340d ago
@NathanExplosion: +1, exactly my thoughts.

But to add to the topic I need to mention that if you do software, and you want it to be quality stuff for product that will generate ongoing revenue, you're gonna update it like hell. Polish and iron out every minor issue and instability to PREVENT or FIX any problems customers might have.

And Sony is doing that just fine. They offer nice balance between defensive updates and new features.

Please note also that this update is, quote: "optional" and "minor".
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Conzul  +   1340d ago
The Music Player App doesn't even let you make a simple playlist
SoundGamer  +   1341d ago
One is coming for the Vita this summer. It will bring quite a few big changes.

The one thing I would love an update for is the UI though. I ran out of space and these icons/pages are a little annoying. I would prefer folders or some other form of organization.
GribbleGrunger  +   1341d ago
i didn't realise they'd already released this before
-Alpha  +   1341d ago
Sure, but this is a security update, and this article is using it as leverage to complain about desired features. This isn't meant to be anything more than a security patch, the matter of 1.69 disappointing is nothing but a way to add fire to an otherwise generic, typical "Top x Features we want from Vita" list.
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andrewsqual  +   1341d ago
What he said. I read that it increases security and that it was NOT mandatory. I took my own time to manually update the Vita because I just wanted to. Just the title of this article alone makes the author look like a complete retard. I wasn't disappointed with it. What kind of a twat sets them self up for such a disappointement. I guess the author can't wait for DMC and RE6 either, dumbass.
Diver  +   1341d ago
what these guys above me said. on the flippin money.
tr00p3r  +   1341d ago
Really interesting to see the aggressive nature of the replies here, compared to the actual insightful comments in the article.

I agree with what FragGen is saying. Firmware updates have definitely been unimpressive.. you are all kidding yourselves by defending Sony on this aspect. I've had the 3G Vita since December.. how hard would it have been to put YouTube at launch? It's great that it's coming just now, but come on..these are really simple apps.

Spotify, email, HTML5, remote play, PS1 classics, flash support, bluetooth that actually works. Do you want me to go on?
JoGam  +   1341d ago
Please STOP with these stupid articles...
NO ONE wants to click the link to your article. When Sony decides to release features customer wants you will get it. When its ready. NO NEED to write an article everytime you dont get what you want. SMH!

EDIT: @ Danswayuk...What YOU need to do is buy some games for your Vita and STOP worry about firmware updates. Sony SAID we will get youtube at the end of month. AT THE END OF MONTH, NOT June 11th.
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Moby-Royale  +   1341d ago

Do you need a hug?
Trenta27  +   1341d ago
Maybe a kiss?
BubloZX  +   1341d ago
a good ol' handy would help
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1341d ago
It's optional and they stated before they released it that it was only a stability update. How were you disappointed?
firelogic  +   1341d ago
People don't read anymore. And if they do, they have zero reading comprehension.
WildArmed  +   1341d ago
Not surprised since it was a optional update (I think).

Plus, we haven't had a solid firmware update on the PS3 for awhile too.

I try not to look forward to firmware updates anymore, it helps me be satisfied with the little somethings we do get, than the things we don't.

"Heeey, it's a stability update. Now Uncharted 2 won't freeze on me! (I hope). YAY."
SoundGamer  +   1341d ago
One is coming for the PS3 though. FW update v4.20. Supposedly a major update:

It will likely be in conjunction with this summer's big PS Vita update.
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WildArmed  +   1341d ago
Interesting, thanks. They usually do-do a firmware update whenever they release an accessory.
ricky360  +   1341d ago
It's fair to say we knew what this update was, but I agree with the author that Sony need to deliver updates with real features.
danswayuk  +   1341d ago
What new features do you want from a future firmware?
MasterCornholio  +   1341d ago
Did everyone suffer amnesia or something? Because if I recall correctly Sony at E3 said that before summer they would release a firmware update for the Vita that will enable PSX support

I'm I wrong about this? Also since we are talking about firmware updates, when was the last time that Nintendo released a major firmware update for the 3DS and how often do they update it with extra features? Does the 3DS even have a HD YouTube app? I'm curious because I can't find the information anywhere.

nukeitall  +   1341d ago
I don't know, this pattern is consistent with what Sony has done in the past with the PS3. Why are anyone surprised this is repeating with the PS Vita?

Also, "stability" is just a fancy word for bug-fixes without the negative connotation. Sony releasing bug-fixes is a good thing though!


Did Nintendo advertise YouTube app for the 3DS? If not, why would you expect it?

I think this is more a case of Sony setting up expectations, that Sony fail to meet. I personally think level of complaint might be a little pre-mature as the system has only been out 6-months or so.

Maybe Sony should have delayed some of the announcements so not to upset gamers waiting.
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GodHandDee  +   1341d ago
the whining has reached to such a level that it even targets optional updates

joeorc  +   1341d ago
here from the complaints

"PS Vita firmware update 1.69 is coming very soon Sony has just said, but the bad news is that it won’t add any new features to the Vita, other than improve software stability – a favorite terminology that Sony has enjoyed using numerous times. It would be better if they at least referenced which software they are improving to add to these stability fixes, but staying silent and dishing out these one sentence patch updates is surely a recipe for disaster if they keep going this way."

why yes it would be so good:

"It would be better if they at least referenced which software they are improving to add to these stability fixes, but staying silent and dishing out these one sentence patch updates is surely a recipe for disaster if they keep going this way."

to tell the hacker's where and what part's they are fixing on the PSVita's firmware! because no one at this moment is trying to hack and exploit the firmware of the PSVita.

just like no one was doing that very same thing to the PSP and made it so the PSP UMD dump's were so easy to get that pretty much every person with a PSP just grabbed those ISO's off of peer2peer or data share sites.

yes these updates serve no real purpose.

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DragonKnight  +   1341d ago
Shhhh, everything has to be anti-Sony, you know that. This is a PS3 fanboy site remember? We must attack them all and everything Sony does has to be wrong to counteract the PS3 fanboys. Making sense about hackers trying to compromise the system is logical but WRONG because it's pro-Sony.
GodHandDee  +   1341d ago
lol exactly!
Ocean  +   1341d ago
i forgot about the last update.......too busy enjoying the games :) Lego Batman 2 next hopefully
LNDCalling  +   1341d ago
Update 1.69 disappoints again???

Did you get update 1.69 twice or something lol

God, I don't know what people expect.. no Sony don't bother with stability so the games we want to play play better or implement background groundwork for future games, instead give us a Youtube app that so we can spend our time on our gaming device watching videos we could quite easily watch on our phones or TVs or Tablets or computers!!!!
Zechs34  +   1341d ago

Seriously? Windows has minimal updates. As does OSX, iOS, Android, 3DS, DSI, 360, Wii... Stop crying about a minimal, security, and above all, OPTIONAL update which we were told about ahead of time.
Chicago8506  +   1341d ago
Damn crybabies. Go play ya PS3/360/Wii n b patient.

Game on!
metsgaming  +   1341d ago
How can they be disappointed it was known that it wouldn't do anything major, jeez. Exgamer beat me to it.
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TheGamingArt  +   1341d ago
*face palm

They said it was minor... what do you want from them.. god
SpinalRemains138  +   1341d ago
No one who wons a Vita is complaining. The only people whining are those who are ruining the gaming industry by supporting lesser hardware.

The Vita is the best handheld in the history of gaming, period. If you don't want to buy one, that's fine of course, but to say that it's doomed is crazy. The Vita is so far ahead of any other handheld it's silly. It's a true marvel at what it does.
RandomDude655  +   1341d ago
I had 17 Windows 7 security updates today....yeah that's right Seventeen. Stop whining.
Sanquine90  +   1341d ago
End of month youtube. Most people who whine about the vita are clearly no owners themself. They need a excuse to buy one. Gravity rush ( Take it). Please stop the trolls! We must haunt them down! Heil sony xD

Please people take your head out of your ass. Sony announced playstation 1 support and youtube. What is the next point you whine about>?
Zechs34  +   1341d ago
It's too shiny! The touchscreen shouldn't be touched! Smudges! It doesn't say Apple on it!


SpinalRemains138  +   1341d ago
Well then.....good thing I got my Vita for gaming and not updating.
Sithlord-Gamble  +   1341d ago
What i personally would like fixed/updated:

- Make messaging instantaneous instead of having the dumb 15min interval refresh rate.
- Make Vita Trophies viewable by ps3 users
- Allow Vita Users to actually be "seen" by ps3 users (currently vita users appear offline and their avatar wont load)
- Give us a better Vita store (vita doesnt get all of the game videos,avatars ... etc that ps3 has)
- Wheres some vita themes, avatars, custom panels?

All simple fixes that continue to be overlooked.
nevin1  +   1341d ago
" Make messaging instantaneous instead of having the dumb 15min interval refresh rate"

I dont have a Vita but that sounds odd.
Smokingunz  +   1341d ago
I agree with the article. The bottom line is, the vita sucks! Get a 3ds. It's more fun to play and it has better games! All these promises Sony has been making as far as apps, remote play, flash,ps1,ps2 and psp support, should've been available day one at launch. Instead all we got is crappy ports and half ass games that were rushed to the market( cough, burning skies)

People keep on saying that the vita is not a smartphone but yet it tries to do the very same things as a smart phone and does it very poorly at that. The vita has four cores but yet the os is slow, the Internet is terrible and it has no flash! Really? Come on sony step it up! Wether people Sony or the fans want to admit it or not, the vita is in competition with smart phones. They both exist in the same realm and because the vita is not doing what it's suppose to do people are buying smart phones and 3ds instead. Men lie women lie numbers don't. The vita only sold 2 million for a reason. Also no matter what game Sony comes out with, wether it's cod, kilzone or whatever, it won't help the system sell. It's nintendo ds all over again lol. I'm so disappointed with the vita and this is coming from a person that owns both the 3ds and vita.
theconsole_kid  +   1341d ago
don't lose hope for vita just because that stuff u mentioned isn't out yet. but if u have it would a be shame to get rid of your vita.and then have all features and must have games come. out and then u end up having to buy another vita. but then again they probably come out with vitaslim with all that shit u should of had..ugh all the companies take advantage of us because if your a hardcore gamer you'll probably say fuck it and buy anyway,this gen ive gone through 6xbox360s including those stupid colored ones 2 60gig one 80gig and my current slimps3s threeds regulars and 2 ds lights and and every psp model to the psp go.point is all that shit i whent through took them a few years to add a ton of features that weren't their before. if u me i think the majority of gamers including myself think we are entitled to all this. gaming is a privilege not a right food water shelter is.
LiquifiedArt  +   1341d ago
food water and shelter is not a right. You need to work for it.

Happiness and longevitiy is not a right either and if anyone tells you they are, they are lieing to you. They would be the first person to chose their loved ones over you and let you starve.

Making cutsey laws is nice but people act very different in time of need. Dont be fooled.
tr00p3r  +   1340d ago
The Vita just needs better support and TLC..end of story.
crazy_gooner  +   1340d ago
PS1 (maybe PS2 in future), Youtube and more third party games need to be announced as well as first party games. The system though is a good one and for a handheld perhaps ahead of it's time when you compare it to the 3DS.

The Vita has the potential to have a good 3-5 years ahead.
DXDA  +   1340d ago
the homebrew community have remote play working stable. Why can't Sony do the same?
theconsole_kid  +   1339d ago
@liquifideart look the point is there are bigger things to worrie about other than firm ware updates and the food and water thing are u kiddin thats the shit that makes us able to work. and so basicllay if your u are disabled, mentally ill they have to work for their food? not everyone is equal. i get that but basic needs should be available to anyone no matter the status. Humans are selfish end of story..your comments say it all

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