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Submitted by Gorilla_Killa_X 1262d ago | news

How Tomb Raider Is Different From Uncharted According To Crystal Dynamics

Following Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix’s recent Tomb Raider trailer and E3 presentation, many have compared the new game to Sony and Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series. Crystal Dynamics Studio Head, Darrell Gallagher, however, says that the two games will feel different when you play them from start to finish, owing to smaller things that add up along the way. (Crystal Dynamics, PC, PS3, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360)

Sakura_   1262d ago | Spam
jon1234  +   1262d ago
main difference, you have boobs!
FlareDReborn  +   1262d ago
Dont forget DAT ASS.
turgore  +   1262d ago
so does Elena...
MrMister  +   1262d ago
@Turgore: Not really...
ABizzel1  +   1262d ago
JokesOnYou  +   1262d ago
I dont get it...
All the Uncharted fans take vague similarities to say its a UC clone but completely overlook the obvious similarities UC took from the original TR, lol maybe you guys just started gaming this Gen or have convenient short-term memories, lmfao and the Indiana Jones excuse is BS because TR and Indiana Jones share just as many similarities in theme too, lead charachters are different gender, but the plot is genrally the same, but last I checked TR was the hit GAME franchise of the 2, thus many, including UC fans initially compared UC to TR, nothing bad about that just recognizing the similarities while acknowledging the improvements this Gen. Calling the upcoming TR a UC clone while failing to face the fact that whether intended or not UC borrowed heavily from past TR games is pure fanboy tal from the usual suspects, n4g is like Sony la-la land so I guess I should expect as much.
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aaron5829  +   1262d ago
I just wish Nathan and Lara make babies... :)

Wouldnt it be cool to have a game featuring both characters ? They make killer partners... imo
BiggCMan  +   1262d ago
He says Uncharted borrows heavily from the old Tomb Raider games. I sort of disagree, I think Uncharted is more of an Indiana Jones style than it is Tomb Raider. However, I have not played the more recent TR games either, the last I ever played TR was back on PS1. So maybe it has changed a lot since then, maybe all the games prior to UC1 in 2007, were what Uncharted came to be like. Feel free to correct me! But the similarities between the new one, and Uncharted, are so blatantly obvious. Yes TR has a more serious tone, and is more of a story about survival, but the crazy action sequences, especially going down that waterfall, hitting EVERY single piece of wood in the process, and not hurting at all, just doesn't fit the game in my opinion.
rdgneoz3  +   1262d ago
Short story: This has a female; instead of humor, she will moan and cry - ; ...
r21  +   1262d ago
i know that those are moans of pain in the game but man, it sounds like well you know :l
TekoIie  +   1262d ago
pancake flipping?
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CoLD FiRE  +   1262d ago
Now, instead of oversized boobs you get orgasmic sounds throught the whole game. So that's how they preserved Lara's sex appeal and stayed true to the original series!
aaron5829  +   1262d ago
Maybe i'm the only person who finds the new Lara more appealing.. :( Having said that, she moans way too much...

I'll probably be wearing headphones while playing the game when it's released... :P
user5467007  +   1262d ago
"And there are certain things the Uncharted series has done, which is borrowed heavily from Tomb Raiders [of] old"

Apart from them both being treasure hunters and the platforming which was done before TR anyway why do people still make it out that TR was massive inspiration for Uncharted. As I've said in my blog before ND got most of there ispiration from Iniana Jones and other action, adventure films then Tomb Raider. Plus it's not like ND are strangers to the platforming genre.

It might of had a little bit of influence but not as much as the new TR is borrowing from Uncharted.

It amazes me how people still say Uncharted borrowed stuff from people just repeat something they've heard off someone else.

The new TR looks great but all it really is, is a Uncharted game with a female lead. The quick time events, the massive life threaterning scenes which she just manages to get out of, the cover/gun gameplay is just like Uncharted. Even that scene where she's climbing up the plane wreckage reminded me of the train scene in U2
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coolbeans  +   1262d ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but...
Aren't you blatantly mirroring my 'originality ouroboros' comment made in that same blog? That's not to say I blame you if you didn't-I made it shortly before/after the blog left the 3 top on main page.

- "apart from them both being treasure hunters and the platforming WHICH WAS DONE BEFORE TR. . ."

You're able to recognize platforming and treasure hunting predating Tomb Raider, and yet...

- "The quick time events, the massive life threatening scenes which she just manages to get out of, the cover/gun gameplay is just like Uncharted." to recognize situational/mechanical gameplay implementations that predate Uncharted?

This is specifically the problem I've mentioned before. We're to the point that we're saying franchises are becoming clones of other clones that predate those clones until we practically go back to *largely unknown game* made in one of the first generations.
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user5467007  +   1262d ago

Im just mentioning what I said in my blog and other TR offense but people have pretty much all said the same thing in some form, unless you think everyone copied you /s
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Moby-Royale  +   1262d ago
Wow man....

Just..... wow.

Lol this is really awkward.
TheDivine  +   1262d ago
Yea Tomb Raider has had quick time events since the ps2 games. The platforming, treasure hunting, and quicktime stuff was all done before Uncharted. All it might/might not borrow from Uncharted is the cinimatic gameplay and hopefully better gunplay. I dont like the lock on to enemies, feels dated.

I will say they need another Laura Croft game. That was the best downloadable game i think ive ever played. Shame we will never see another.
coolbeans  +   1262d ago
"no offense but people have pretty much all said the sqae thing in some form, unless you think everyone copied you /s"

You mean to tell me other people have pointed out the irony in your counter-argument to say TR reboot has copied Uncharted? A stubborn one, aren't you?

I'll give an A grade on the edit though. :D
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user5467007  +   1262d ago
....You know what, I give up, thats obviously not what I meant but I really cant be arsed to argue to someone immatue.

I mean your bringing up a comment you made ages ago...we get it your a TR fan girl who still believes Uncharted owes everything to Tomb Raider.

Oh and yeah I did edit fix a spelling mistake, sue me.
Moby-Royale  +   1262d ago
Holy crap man.

That was really unsettling to read.

You need to get a grip on reality.

I am having a hard time finding acceptable words to express how completely crazy you sound.

There are facilities that can help out men with paranoid schizophrenia. Might I suggest looking one up?

I'm sure that Lara would appreciate it.
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coolbeans  +   1262d ago
I'm sorry to keep pushing the point but...
This situation hadn't even evolved into an argument:

- You've done nothing to reemphasize your initial points. Since you've stated I've said something similar to other posters, wouldn't an organized retort be more readily available for you?

- "I mean your bringing up a comment you made ages ago."

*From your first comment* -> "As I've said in my blog before. . ."

Why is an age-old comment like mine not allowed to be mentioned if it's still relevant to the topic being discussed?

- ". . .we get it your a TR fan girl who still believes Uncharted owes everything to Tomb Raider."

So much for me being the immature one. I don't recall saying Uncharted owing everything to TR, I just like the idea of using a PS3 exclusive franchise as an attention-getter (within the realm of reason) to point out why terms like "clone" are really innocuous in the gaming world today.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to slam you for the misspell. I just copy/pasta'd what I saw and went from there. You seem to type well enough so it's reasonable to slip up here and there (I had to edit my last two comments EDIT: And this one!). Pobody's Nerfect :P
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Ducky  +   1262d ago
Quick time events, life threatening scenes, and even plane wreckages aren't exactly things pioneered by Uncharted.

They might remind YOU of scenes from uncharted, but that doesn't really hold a lot of weight.
They can make a remake of TombRaider2 and it would sound like a UC2 clone, wanna know why? Because its plot revolved around an artifact dagger, tibetan monks, and a mafia leader obsessed with power. Sounds pretty familiar, no?

The new TR has a few similarities to Uncharted, and you've clinged onto those few similarities while ignoring everything else.
From what the trailers have shown, the theme in TR is much darker. It isn't an action game like uncharted where you end up killing more people than the plague. You are not trotting around the globe, the main character does not make smartass remarks everytime they get injured.
I can't say how the game will actually play, but that's the impression I've gotten from the trailers.

You're right, Uncharted doesn't borrow heavily from TombRaider... yet at the same time, you're using vague similarities to equate the new TombRaider to Uncharted.
You might as well just call TLOU an Uncharted game with a younger, female Sully. =p
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BitbyDeath  +   1262d ago
There is a huge difference between what Tomb Raider is doing compared to that blatant rip-off Unearthed.

Now that is just shameful.

Nothing wrong with grabbing inspiration from a game, especially when that game is Uncharted.

This'll be the first Tomb Raider game i'll be looking forward to in a long time.

I hope it has dinosaurs.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1262d ago
lol I totally forgot about Unearthed... not sure if i am supposed to laugh or puke... or some awkward combination of both
dirthurts  +   1262d ago
Tomb Raider came first, long ago, and was doing everything she and Nathan Drake is doing now. Climbing, shooting, puzzles, action, etc. Uncharted stepped up the production value, but now Tomb Raider is doing the same.
Shouldn't it be how Uncharted is different from Tomb Raider?
All you kids who don't know...Laura Croft is THE original.
user5467007  +   1262d ago
Original of what though...its not like she was the first to do platforming or use weapons in third person. Uncharted would of still exsisted with or without TR

Theres so much stuff which makes Uncharted different from Tomb Raider, theres just not much difference between Uncharted and the new TR.
Imalwaysright  +   1262d ago
Saying that Uncharted didnt take inspiration from TR is idiotic at best! Do you know where Amy Henning worked before joining ND?

"Theres so much stuff which makes Uncharted different from Tomb Raider" That is an outright lie. Platforming, solving puzzles, theme, shooting. Everything that TR has Uncharted has too. The difference is that TR focuses on exploration and Uncharted focus on shooting. The concepts of both games are nearly identical. but because ND and CD focus on different areas the experiences their games offer are completely different.
jetlian  +   1262d ago
TR has better climbing, it has full blown swimming, it has better puzzles, it has more booby traps. It one of if not the first 3d adventure game.

Indiana jones may have been out before tomb raider but in 3d space and mechnics TR is the originator on how its done.

Uncharted added the set piece moments and that all.
JokesOnYou  +   1262d ago
Exactly Imalwaysright.....
I don't know who Mike is trying to fool us or himself but its bordering on lunacy. I mean of course the original TR had elements that are found in multiple pre-dated games but for its time there was really no direct comparison....what Pitfall, Mario, Zelda, or some other puzzle game, ??? what would you compare it to, really what had all these elements and theme in 1 package before TR? lol, I love UC games check my history its my favorite ps3 exclusive, its one thing to say UC wasnt inspired by TR, thats possible but to say the end result wasnt very similar in concept is foolish at best, its not a knock to be closely related to a past great franchise, almost every game this Gen can be legitimately said to have gotten its roots from a past game because most plots/concepts/game play has been done before, where in the past there were so many unexplored game types, now the true test is whether game devs can take old game types, tweak them some how, explore new avenues, and ultimately improve upon the overall experience....which ND certainly did with UC, but lets still be honest and call a spade a spade.

I mean who cares really about all this who copied who, I only interject because the BS gonig on about TR is silly, its symantics really, all any gamer should care about is is it a good game.
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dirthurts  +   1262d ago
You know, this video really says everything we need to say. It's the history of Tomb Raider, and it shows how it's changed over time.
Can't argue with hard facts, well maybe around here you can.
Imalwaysright  +   1262d ago
Ive said this plenty times and ill say it yet again. TR is a platformer with exploration. Uncharted is a shooter. We've yet to see if the new TR will focus on exploration like the previous ones or on shooting like Uncharted. Until then everyone should just STFU. BTW uncharted fanboys ND did NOT invent cutcenes or storytelling so if a game seems to focus on those areas is not an Uncharted clone.
CLOUD1983  +   1262d ago
Well they may be somewhat different but the reboot of TR look a lot with Uncharted no matter how u look at it, and as some1 say already the scene at airplane remind me also a lot the scene at the train at UC2 also the platforming elements scream UC all over & honestly I dont like that very much although I didn't test it to be sure it looks way too easy like UC with a lot of moments that the only thing u must do to save your ass is to press 1 button at the right time, and that concept looks too cheap for a TR game I expect much more complicated gameplay from a game with Lara in it.

I have finish TR 1-4 and TR was a very hard game nothing like UC, in TR there was spots u die again & again & again.. and u must be very patient in order to move forward there was even moments u cant find how to move forward where is the right path to go TR was a game that demand from u to explore your surrounding a lot in order to move forward & also to be extremely careful because if u were not careful or concentrated enough on what u r doing u were down before u know it.

More than anything what Crystal Dynamics must do to convince me that the new game deserve the Tomb Raider name on it, is to be a challenging experience for the old fans of the series not for some kiddies that will play a TR game for the first time and they never experience how hard truly was the first TR games we get on PSX, a gameplay similar to UC will not do the trick for me.
smashcrashbash  +   1262d ago
Awwwww. All the crying a b***hing about who did what first. This gen is so pathetic and sickening. Battle Arena Tosinden was one of the first 3D fighter and Soul Edge practically followed them to the letter. did anyone not play Soul Edge or spend countless hours arguing who followed or copied who? Even if Uncharted borrowed from TR so what? You don't see me running around saying TR borrowed from Pitfall or Indian Jones?

The new Tomb Raider no matter how much people deny it has borrowed from Uncharted. You can just see it from the scenes they showed us.You moan about how Uncharted borrowed from TR but deny like hell that it took cues from Uncharted? Tomb Raider is not Uncharted that is obvious but please stop pretending that it doesn't have an Uncharted look about it.

Also stop pretending as if the new Tomb Raider will be some sort of open world paradise or something. We have already seen that it will be full of more then it's share of scripted moments, button pressing and set paths.
Imalwaysright  +   1262d ago
It doesnt matter if Uncharted borrowed from TR but you cry, bitch and moan wanting everyone to acknowledge that TR reboot borrows from Uncharted! Fact is TR reboot may be a different experience from what Uncharted offers just like Uncharted offers a different experience from the original TR but the almighty fanboys, will of course, tell us everything we need to know about a game they never played.
#10.1 (Edited 1262d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
smashcrashbash  +   1262d ago
I am just pointing out the obvious. People just don't want to admit they took cues from UC. Why not? UC was a great game. I don't hold it against them. I am not concerned about if it copied UC. I am just concerned if it will be a good game.

But people are in tears even if you mention that Tomb Raider looks anything like UC after years of telling and taunting us with how UC 'copied' TR. Just like most fanboys you can dish it out but you can't take it. UC took the throne while it was sucking and now people can't wait to see it 'beat' Uncharted only to see it resembles UC. How funny.
Angerfist  +   1262d ago
LMAO now its the other way around? Gamers these Days, Tomb Raider was long before Uncharted but Uncharted happened to be the superior Game this Generation so far.

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