D+PAD: Dragon's Dogma Review

D+PAD Writes:

It’s quite possibly ironic that in trying to think of apt metaphors for Dragon’s Dogma as a game instead I happened across a realisation that the game itself works as metaphor for the Japanese development industry. These are difficult times in the east, from shifting business models to a struggling economy the recent shift to developing more westernised games has not always been an easy one and Dragon’s Dogma epitomises both the best and worst of this. While a lot of effort has gone to make a game that, for all intents and purposes, functions as a traditional fantasy RPG, its roots can’t help but show through. Form its odd blend of gameplay mechanics, mixing influences from the Elder Scrolls to Shadow of the Colossus to From Software’s Souls games to its often baffling design decisions and story elements, this is very much a Capcom game, and in many ways is better for it. It is not always successful but has enough interesting ideas and mechanics to at least recommend to those in the market for another heroic quest in a mystical land.

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