Xbox 360 System Update Version 2.0.15572.0 Now Available

When you next turn on your Xbox 360, you will be prompted to do a system update via Xbox Live.

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BringingTheThunder2141d ago

how much do you wanna bet that this doesnt reach the front page like the minor vita update did?

zeal0us2141d ago

I could care less about it being on the front page.

Update includes.

- Avatar store added to social on the dashboard

- Updates to the avatar store

- Adds “Manage Exercise Info” to players Profile

BringingTheThunder2141d ago

ps vita update inlcudes:

- minor software stability

and its not even mandatory.

GoldenGamer2140d ago

I would say software stability is more vital than a button added to the god damn dashboard which already has more than enough buttons on it. I have both xbox and ps3 by the way before you accuse me of being a fanboy.

BringingTheThunder2140d ago

the xbox update did stability as well, its just the fact that the ps vita one did minor stability and isnt mandatory.

_Aarix_2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

unlikely as the sony label adds apx. 200 degrees on N4G

glennco2140d ago

apps marketplace was broken after the update last night.

at above... how does an xbox update create an idiotic fanboy war again? you people are sad