Reasons why leaked WWE 13 roster could be real

Product-Reviews writes: It is the Attitude Era names that will be of most interest though, and you’ll see that some wrestlers like HHH, Mark Henry, The Rock and Undertaker have even been named twice as both an Attitude Era wrestler and a current superstar. We’re guessing that means that they take up two slots in both categories on THQ’s website then?

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danswayuk2142d ago

I do have my doubts about WWE 13.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232142d ago

JBL is my character of choice in the WWE games so this would be great for me.

squallheart2142d ago

I hope its not as bad as 12 for a game being touted as being reinvented. The only reason im not angry is because I got it for 10 new through amazon on launch lol. Seems to me by the list repeated characters are going to be counted as separate instead of one. Damn you THQ for being sneaky

FutureWWEChampion2142d ago

I hate there is 3 different version of mick foley like wtf fill those spots with other wreslters n just make micks character have the 3 different attires we dont need 3 mick foleys taking up space in the game

FutureWWEChampion2142d ago

Tr00p3r definitly bring back the APA ur right

tr00p3r2142d ago

There's sooo many that they need to bring back.. Steve Blackman should be there as well.. what about the 24/7 hardcore title.that was epic!

FutureWWEChampion2140d ago

Wow 24/7 hardcore title was epic damn u brought back memories i wish they brought back more tag teams but they aint gonna happen.

Canas20102142d ago

Bring back the Ministry, Nation Of domination too. I'll take the spirit squad even though Ziggler is already there. He could have an alternate outfit as Nicky or something.

LiViNgLeGaCY2142d ago

God I love Dolph Ziggler. Future of the WWE right there!

Sorry off subject. >_<

DasTier2142d ago

Why on earth would you ever want the spirit squad?

Canas20102141d ago

So I can beat the shiitake mushrooms out of them. Duh! @LiViNgLeGaCY, Too true Ziggles is one helluva "Wrestler".

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