New Xbox Update Adds Bing & Fitness Features - LevelSave

Microsoft has quietly rolled out a few of it's E3 updates including new search features and languages for Bing and a handy new fitness setting in the profile for fine tuning with the upcoming Nike Fitness+.

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kevnb2047d ago

really exciting stuff....

Frodosmugins2047d ago

still downloading this after a hour just over half way! Is this a big file or is it my net!?

r1sh122047d ago

I think its your net.
Mine downloaded in under 5 mins :S

sandman2242047d ago

no its your internet. it took me a couple of minutes to download and install it. I was hoping they added the web browser but i guess not.

Grimhammer002047d ago

Omg! People not talking about this ground breaking move are so not cool.

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