Watch Dogs - Preview [UpperPad]

E3 is now also become a showcase event where publishers tend to push brands which are safe or they have already made announcements and diffuse information. The surprise effect is gradually disappearing. Fortunately it is not entirely true, we think Ubisoft unexpectedly out of nowhere to launch a new disruptive IP Watch Dogs. After the introductory video and a stunning session of the conference played live on stage, everyone's attention was focused on what is actually the game's E3 revelation, which among other things does smell a bit 'new-generation .

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joab7772044d ago

Please do not release on this Gen. Especially if the PC version is gonna b light years ahead. It looks so amazing and the idea of it being a sand box game is stunning. Yeah I want it as soon as possible but I want it as good as possible too. I'm probably wrong but let's hold off. We have plenty to play right now.

DjPralla2043d ago

I'm with you! This would be a next gen game cut to fit into this old gen.