Sony and Microsoft show off equal gameplay - so why was one better?

Sony and Microsoft both showed equal gameplay, so why was one better than the other?

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Double_Oh_Snap2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Three reasons Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream.

Sony's first party is incredible, and we are lucky consumers and loyal fans to have a company support gaming the way they do.

jeseth2108d ago

Sony ocntinues to roll out new, high quality IPs while Microsoft continues the Gears, Halo, Fable, Forza rotation.

At least Sony adds new IPs every year sprinkled in between the releases of their big franchises.

Trebius2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

In my eyes, 360 will always be in 2nd place behind Sony.

"Sales" dont matter to me, theyve been GIVING away 360s for years now, ps3 has proven itself time and time again with its exclusive titles...and not even the mightiest of 360 fanboys can debunk that FACT.

BlindGuardian2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

because Splinter Cell is not exclusive, not even console exclusive

blitz06232108d ago


Couldn't agree more. I have no idea why sales is always used as an argument to why one console is better than the other. The only thing that is proven by sales is that less people enjoy the quality games Sony produces for PS3 owners.

Drake1172108d ago

Literally the only thing i cared about at MS conference was Halo 4 and thats pretty much the only reason i own my xbox. Sony won because They had alot more and overall better exclusives. I cared about 1 MS exclusive compared to 4 of Sony's, its as simple as that.

nukeitall2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )


"Couldn't agree more. I have no idea why sales is always used as an argument to why one console is better than the other."

Community! Sales means, another owner is now on the Xbox platform. People with a microphone I can play with.

What I often see is, PS3 owners tend to be single player gamer so they don't understand the value of an online community. They always complain about the Xbox 360 lineup, yet Xbox owners don't give a damn and just enjoy the games they like. If they cared, they would have swapped to a PS3. After all, the darn thing is cheaper "supposedly superior in every way".

I also want to point out that every year for years, we heard about the same "exclusives" on the Playstation platform. At the end of the cycle, well we are still waiting for many of them including Agent and Last Guardian. Can I say vaporware? If you actually count up the number of exclusives released on Xbox 360 and PS3, I'm pretty darn sure they are pretty close.

For me Sony has it's place, Nintendo has it's, and MS has it's place! Isn't that great? Console options for everyone.

Why would we want 3 similar consoles? Pointless if you ask me.


Sales may be important to define if a game has a community for its online. But it doesn't matter at all for single player games, and even for Multiplayer, having one million of people playing and have few thousands don't make a difference, the biggest online session is 256 players and many times, having more people just mean more annoying asshats.

Also, it's not like the PS3 had only sold few units and 360 had sold hundreds of millions, they are both pretty close and largely available everywhere, they both sold well this gen and both companies are dealing well with it and there's plenty of games for us (although they have different strategies, relying more on 1st party or 3rd party). There's absolutely nothing for gamers' be worried with.

TheRealHeisenberg2108d ago

@ nukeitall

I agree. With that said, I prefer to game more on PS3 than I do on 360.

insomnium22108d ago


"People with a microphone I can play with. "

I hate people with mics. I never use one. Thank goodness Sony didn't put a mic in every bundle.

I'm a grown up. I have a wife, job and kids. Friends are not that important to me and if someone says that all they want to do is play online with friends with mics it tells me that he is a 14-22yo kid. Most of the time I'm right too.

First of all I think internet should have an age limit of 22 minimum. Atleast on forums where you are free to write anything you like. Same with online games. Noone below 18 should be allowed...ever. Brats ruin everything. Get out of my internet brats. Come back when you grow a hairy pair of balls and a backbone.

JANF2108d ago

@ insomnium2

"I hate people with mics. I never use one. Thank goodness Sony didn't put a mic in every bundle.

I'm a grown up. I have a wife, job and kids. Friends are not that important to me and if someone says that all they want to do is play online with friends with mics it tells me that he is a 14-22yo kid. Most of the time I'm right too."

Really... I'm 30 years old, I have a wife and kids and I have a bunch of friends who i game with and guess what we use mics. Seems to me that you are a little angry or something. It's good to have friends and people who you can have fun with, you should try it sometime. if not your life could get very repetitive, boring and lonely.

game on ;)

nukeitall2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )



You seem really immature based on your comment. In fact, most grown up people don't refer to themselves as "grown up" or think of themselves as such. They just are!

It's part of being mature.

By any chance have you heard of a mute or disable voice chat feature? The one that silence people you don't want to listen to? I would rather people have a microphone use it, and given the opportunity to conveniently mute them one by one, or all at once than not have the opportunity for some awesome team work.

You sound exactly like the kind of guy that plays mostly single player games and have no clue the importance of an online community is.

Also, your idea of the internet is, I don't know how to put it. Most succint way: STUPID!

If there is one thing "as a grown up" knows, is that idiots are abound and it isn't limited to age. I met plenty of people with family that has multiple children that are complete idiots and at the same time, met young teenagers that are very mature.


I somewhat disagree with community size. Some of the top 10 online games even on the bottom of the list don't have enough variety of people to play against and that is on Xbox Live, imagine other platforms. The community shrinks really fast, and it is a self-feeding cycle i.e. if there are few gamers, fewer stick around while the busier games retain more and get more over time. The drop off is slower until the next release.

I want a wide variety of people that play around the world (to find people close to gamers) to play. It makes for interesting matchmaking and balances the game.

This is also why I like sequels, because a lot of times the community size explodes for about 3-4 months. Pure online gaming bliss! :D

The excuse you can always play the previous game, it's identical isn't true for many games. Because playing online is all about people, otherwise I could just play against stupid bots.


Game on! :D

moparful992108d ago


I love how you generalize an audience. I have a friends list FULL of people who play online alot and have mics... Your umbrella statment sounds like a stereotype and a way to play up the xbox community..

Trebius2108d ago

As far as MICs go...the way i see it is, the 360 is the system adults buy for their kids, because its very inexpensive piece of hardware and it doesnt matter if they break it after a few months because theyll just spend another 99$ to get them one again.

The problem with this is that since every 360 is bundled with a mic, every single person whether it's an adolescent, preteen, child, 4 year old 6 year old whatever it is, will have access to that mic. Which makes the whole online community for the 360 a BORE of constant children thinking theyre big because they can shout insults and racist obscene garbage through a mic and know they wont get reprimanded by parents or any authority.

PS3 owners have to go buy their mic, either 1st party or 3rd party...which makes it so people that WANT the mic for teamplay purposes will get it, because more often than not, someone that is interested in buying a mic wont buy one just to grief and be a pain in the butt...theyll only take advantage of somethign thats already included in the product they purchased.

Im very happy with the ps3 online community, i rarely run into annoying children while playing, whereas on the 360 you cant play an online game without hearing constant bickering on the mics from kids who shouldnt even be allowed to play on school nights.

Bulding mics is not a PLUS. If they had bundled mics with the PS3 during the years where it was 399 or still expensive, then that wouldve been ok, because no responsible adult is going to buy their child an expensive piece of equipment like that and expect it to last.

And as far as The Last Guardian and Agent being vaporware, no. They exist, and they will release. Just because a lot of unannounced 1st party exclusives were released before these two and they WERE announced, doesnt mean they wont exist...its just something us ps3 owners know is coming in the future, and theres nothing wrong with being excited about titles like Agent, Last Guardian, Final Fantasy Versus just shows that even amongst the already released exclusive titles, there are still more quality titles on the way.

TheRealHeisenberg2108d ago

@ Trebius

I'm happy with the PS3 community as well. If it is the case that most of them don't have mics then I'm glad I don't have to put up with it. Using a lot of the N4G PS3 community as a gauge for how they would be on PSN, I would not want to talk with them during a game. It is already a pain dealing with them in the comments section. The whole idea that the PS3 community is more mature and sophisticated is nothing more than elitist garbage.

ZombieNinjaPanda2108d ago

I like people like Insonium. Calling people kids, talking about ALL your responsibilities yet, posting on a gaming forum.

Hypocrisy is such a beautiful thing.

geddesmond2108d ago

Yep MS only showed off existing franchises while we got 3 new IPs from Sony not including casual crap like Wonderbook and I bet Gamescon we will see the new Guerila games IP cause they are a EU based dev team.

Halo, Gears, Fable and Forza yet again SMH

2108d ago
blackbeld2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )


What are you smoking?

PS3 owners already having voice and video chat only not cross chat.

And we using Skype for private chats with our mates during COD.

That annoying kits on COD game lobby... every time we have to mute them again. Thats why we using Skype!

And what about sales? PS3 is still 2x more expensive than a 360. When they drop the price to €150 then its game over for the 360!

Microsoft on 3e place as always.

ChrisW2108d ago

Game sales are what makes a console in the lead, not hardware sales. And it doesn't matter if they're from 1st or 3rd party publishers.

sikbeta2108d ago

Sony could have shown more stuff instead of those Sizzle Reels:


Portal 2 Move DLC
Sly Thieves...
Sport Champions 2 (scratch if you don't like motion waggle-waggle XD )


Sould Sacrifice
Sound Shapes
Gravity Rush
More than 15 secs of Assassins Creed III: Liberation :P
More than just the logo of COD:BOD :/

ShinMaster2107d ago



And this:

That would be the short answer, to a lot of questions.

Shepherd 2142107d ago


you may have a job, kids and a wife, but your tone says you don't have much of a life. No wonder you don't have any friends.

why are you on a gaming forum talking about playing games, grown up? Is it because you don't have xbox party chat or friends to talk about this stuff with? I'm telling ya, if you had party chat like us 17-22 year old kids, you could easily use it to get all that piss and pouting and vinegar out of your system. But I hear old guys don't like to try new things.

MrBeatdown2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )



Funny you say "PS3 owners will still be watching videos and hoping that their exclusives will make another appearance at E3 next year, and the year after" but from what I recall, every game shown at Sony's conference is scheduled to be released within a year.

Beyond: January - March 2013

PS All Stars - "holiday season" 2012

God of War - March 12, 2013

Last of Us - "late 2012 or early 2013"
(This requires a bit of thinking, but I think you're capable of figuring it out)

Of course, you call them all vaporware despite all of them having dates as specific as Gears of War: Judgment's, which, unsurprising, you don't deem "vaporware". Nor do you assume it will make multiple E3 appearances, even though Gears 3 did exactly that after being announced for a spring release.

What's truly laughable is that you not only act as if Sony's E3 games will show up at E3 2013, but at E3 2014 as well.

You then proceed to tell everyone how Sony shows off the same games year after year, and MS doesn't. Let's put that to the test, shall we? For starters, how many of the games shown at Sony's press conference appeared at E3 last year? None of them. But of course you treat it as if it's fact that most of the games Sony showed this year will make repeat showings next year, AND the year after that.

Microsoft's turn. Fable: The Journey? Shown at two E3s. Halo 4? Shown at two E3s.

This year, Microsoft double-dipped twice. Sony didn't at all. It's funny that you prefer to complain about what Sony has done in the past, but you don't complain about it this year when Microsoft did it.

You bring up Last Guardian to prove your point. You ignore Ryse too. It was featured at two E3s, and over two years later, we still don't even have a screenshot of it. You want to make it out to be a trend that only Sony is guilty of. You have been harping on that point since E3, but I haven't seen you back it up with stats. Prove it. Show us a list of how many games Sony has featured multiple times at E3, versus how many Microsoft has. I helped you out with Last Guardian, Ryse, Gears 3, Halo 4, and Fable. That's one for Sony and four for Microsoft. I'll let you go from there. Go get 'em slugger!

And last but certainly not least in your wonderful heap of nonsense, in reference to God of War being shown, you say "That's pretty funny considering all of the PS3 fans complaining about MS rehashing the same franchises".

What's really funny is that you are trying to find hypocrisy when none exists. The three MS games you listed? ALL existing IPs on their FOURTH entry in the series THIS GENERATION. God of War is on it's second. Every other game from Sony you mentioned is a new IP.

Keep the nonsense coming DK. It's amazing that despite the clear bias in your post, in the course of a few days, you managed to go from three bubbles to five. And yet you're one of the people who frequently complains about Sony bias on this site.

ReadyBodyReggie2107d ago

>Sony and microsoft
Hahaha. The only people to showcase games this year was Nintendo. You know it to be true. Unless you believe "smart glass" and "Harry Potter books" are "Games".
SONY and Microsoft status: Body is not willing to be ready.

schlanz2107d ago


You got me there; I am generally only interested in single player games. As far as playing online, I'd rather play with friends than complete strangers. All of my friends have a PS3 so on the rare occasion I want to play online with someone, I do have that luxury, and thankfully they all have headsets.

As far as the games, sure both systems may have a relatively close quantity of exclusives, but to argue the quality is on par across the board is borderline ridiculous. PS3 has roughly 40 retail exclusives with aggregate scores over 80%, 360 has about half that. Not an exaggeration. And I don't think I need to mention that about half of those 360 games are spread between 3 franchises.

tordavis2107d ago

Did everyone forget that Microsoft announced 3 new exclusive IP's at E3?

EVILDEAD3602107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

MSWorld has got em' fired up over the flame title, but I actually thought it was cool to read the E3 breakdown.

In regards to who was better it is clearly subjective and each individual watching E3 has there own take and opinion of the games shown.

As far as the big new Ips overall, it is clear we won't be playing them for well over a year from now.

Watch dogs, Last of Us, and Beyond, will more than likely have another major go at next year's E3 presentation as well.

Sony showed two big new IPs from Naughty and Quantum that we will see more of next E3.

Micrsoft for year 7 showed two of the newest games from it's biggest franchises from 343 and Turn 10/Playground games.

Micrsoft set themselves up for a big holiday with Halo 4 and Sony set themselves up for a strong first quarter with God of War.

I do feel like Sony is strangely leaving the Fall/Holiday season without a strong AAA exclusive on the level of Uncharted or God of War that they normally have in past years.

But, who knows maybe there will be a miracle and Last Guardian's 'technical issues will be resolve and it will show up in Tokyo, and make to retail this holiday.


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Blastoise2108d ago

Quite simply ms didnt show enough. Its all very well and good to show CoD and Tomb raider, but those are multiplats...Sony showed a lot of exclusive content (nintendo too). Make some new exclusive IP's microsoft and i`ll start caring about your conferences.

Cueil2107d ago

it's the end of the generation... it hardly matters right now how many new IPs MS is putting out on a console on it's last legs... it's weird that Sony wouldn't hold Last of Us for the PS4 to be their flag ship franchise for that generation

schlanz2107d ago

It's weird that Sony wants their console to go out with a bang and not a fizzle? It's weird that Sony doesn't want to disappoint their fanbase?

Persistantthug2108d ago

The other is regurgitating the samesh17 over and over and over and over......just phoning it in basically.

2108d ago
noctrnl132108d ago


There have/will be 4 God of Wars. Two on the Ps2 and two on the Ps3. There have however been/will be 8 Halo's (6 of which have been on the 360) Halo 3, Halo: Wars, Halo: ODST, Halo:Reach, Halo: Anniversarry, and Halo: 4. This makes your argument invalid.

M$ isn't milking anything at all. /s

And to your comment about vaporware if you still discount those series which will be coming out (it takes some time and effort to create all new gaming experiences rather than releasing something based on a game that already exists) the PS3 still has a plethora of exclusives that M$ does not. That is their business model to say anything different is asinine, and I'm sure every Ps3 owner out there will gladly wait for exclusives like Agent, The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy Versus because those dev's have never let us down and we'll let them take their time to deliver us a fresh new gaming experience.

We don't need the same game every 2 years to stimulate ourselves.

LeoDDestroyer2108d ago

So I guess Beyond and The Last of Us aren't new IP's.

2108d ago
Imalwaysright2107d ago

Im upset that we've been waiting for TLG for years but the PS3 still pumps out more games than the 360 and more importantly new Ips. I want new experiences and Sony will provide them for me with Beyond and The Last of Us and Ubisoft with Watch Dogs while MS will provide me 0, nada nothing.

Im in no hurry to play sequels of franchises that had multiple releases this generation. The only sequels i really want to play are Hitman and TR. The rest ill buy when they hit the bargain bin.

kikizoo2107d ago

@DK ultimate fanboy in denial :

it's not new, each year sony has 10X more exclusives since 2008, and it's even more since 2 years, so don't act like 2013 will be different..

Cueil2107d ago

@noctrnl13 you smoking crack? 7 God of War games 8 with the new one... in 2 generations and all of them play the same (there was actually a really fun mobile game for cell phones that I loved but we wont count that). You can say what you want about the Halo Franchise, but they've ventured out into different things and they set a standard in FPS and MP. There have been 4 Uncharted games in 5 years... what you have 9 Gran Tourismos? Look for MS this is the end of a generation and any new IPs they may have planed are likely for the next system not to mention they generally don't announce anything that isn't coming out within a year aside from the big announcements. These companies seem to be chasing different goals now for some reason. I use to think both of them were trying to take over the living room, but Sony seems content where they are.

noctrnl132107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )


I'm not even going to be rude and say you are taking drugs. What I will say is this I didn't know we were counting handhelds but if we are my rebuttal would be Sony spreading around flagship IPs across different consoles. 4 GoW on PSP and 2 on Ps2, Ps3. Good spread much better than 6 Halos on one system.

Secondly yes there may have been 4 uncharted games in the past 5 years but at least that was a new IP this gen. Let's talk about new IPs. MS only new flagship IP was GOW. Sony had LBP, Warhawk, Valkryia Chronicles, Uncharted, Infamous, Heavy Rain, Motostorm, Heavenly Sword, Resistance, The Last Guardian, The Last of Us, White Knight Chronicles, and the push for MMOs on a console. Not to mention the resurgence of past franchises, Sly and Jak and Daxter. MS tried in the beginning with Kameo which was horrible. One of the few good exclusives was Lost Odyssey and they let that die quickly.

I own all three consoles and I use my xbox for gears of war and halo. Nothing else. MS doesn't make the push for new IPs like Sony does, and please don't give me that "end of the gen" crap Sony is hauling out new IPs and there's no reason MS shouldn't don't try to save their ass with that.

Also you must not do research, Gran Turismo has had 6 games and the gap between GT4 and GT5 was 5 entire years. The gap between Halo: Reach and Halo: Anniversary 1 year.

As I stated Halo did a lot for FPSes but are you saying God of War didn't for action games, or Uncharted didn't for adventure games? Halo was a revolution last gen when it came out, now its just an FPS. The only FPS i have my eye on is Dust 514 because the play that goes on with Eve online players is interesting and REVOLUTIONARY. Also it's new, something MS doesn't understand.

While I cannot say Halo isn't good it is, so is Gears of War and Forza. It's not okay though for MS to have a handful of exclusives when the gaming community has given them more than enough money to invest in new franchises. The fact that you're defending this is sad. Yes Sony rolls out sequels but at least they dot those releases with fresh new IPs 6 years into the consoles life. MS stopped making AAA exclusives what around 08?

Back to my original point There will be 6 God of Wars counting Ascension spread evenly across 6 consoles. There have been/will be 6 Halos on the Xbox 360 alone. Again making your point invalid.

P.S not a fanboy just hate when people argue without facts. MS is a shit company. They have more than enough money to invest in new games yet they don't because they know if they release a Halo every so often nobody will bitch enough to cause a dent in their profits.

-edit- not to mention Sony is supporting two systems and still puts out more exclusives than MS, they have lost money still put our more exclusives, Sony is a gamers company. MS is a consumers company.

gobluesamg2107d ago

Damn Cueil just got lit up!

insomnium22106d ago

That's quite an asswhooping there noc. Keep up the good work :)

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joab7772108d ago

Yeah, I guess these guys had to find a way to show Microsoft's presser in a new light. This is how they did it. If Sony came out and showed 5 new awesome games and then walked off stage, I could care less how long it lasted. We don't wait all year for E3 to see whose production value is greatest or how many celebrities show. Microsoft showed its scary direction with halo, gears, splinter cell & 3 multi platform games in BO2, Tomb Raider and RE6. It could a been a presser from 2008. Sony will have those 3 too & as mw3 has proven, exclusive dlc doesn't mean as much anymore as ps3 is catching up in CoD players. But, Sony did have the Last of Us, Beyond. They had their GoW too but they also have vita info they didn't show and there's like 5 other exclusives we know about that didn't show.

I have to make a big decision for next Gen. PC, ps4 or 720. I play Xbox a lot too but mainly because its rpgs don't suffer from memory issues. But, as of now, I am getting a little worried about Xbox direction. Now, if they are simply riding out this Gen and pumping a lot of time and money into next Gen, that will b fine. But I am apprehensive right now.

telekineticmantis2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

is Ubisoft, last year it was EA. It's a part of the steps a fan goes through post mortem his console, denial, I did it with Sega so I fully understand.

You'll be hearing this often, Everyone sucked at E3, "Ubisoft alone" had a good showing. WONDERBOOK WONDERBOOK WONDERBOOK WONDERBOOK!!!!! What happened to 3D? Hey smartglass huh?!!! No No No Nintendo had the worst conference.

It all creates a world for them where Microsoft hasn't betrayed them.

Ron_Danger2108d ago

Splinter cell is a multi plat also.

KMCROC542108d ago

How about the 3 xbox exclusives mentioned at E3 & the tons of XBLA games at the booths that were not mentioned on stage.

dead_eye2108d ago


"Now, if they are simply riding out this Gen and pumping a lot of time and money into next Gen, that will b fine. But I am apprehensive right now."

How can riding out a generation be fine. Even if they are putting money into next gen there is no way that is fine.

joab7772107d ago

It isn't fine that they are riding it out. Its fine in the sense that it eases my fear that they are abondoning great first party IPs like halo and gears used to be. But maybe they were always only about that. Yes, they will need 1 or 2 great IPs like this to go forward and it isn't easy to do. My guess though is that their business model has changed. The focus is no longer on strong Microsoft titles but 3rd party dominance and making the Xbox an entertainment machine that everyone cannot do without. From their perspective Halo, gears and CoD will sell the 720. Also, they bank on the fact that kinnect owners will but it too as well as everyone who owns one now. Also win 8 is coming and I see a huge push to sell the 720, aptly named something else and sold as a win 8 extension for ur living room. Win 8 will b kinnect integrated and when u load up the new Xbox, it will load a UI just like win 8hat links to ur computer. All movies, pics, vids etc will stream seemlessly to it. And on and on. Huge advertising to become the quintessential entertainment box for ur living room. U don't have to rely so heavily on game sales if u r selling everything under the sun. They know
hat consoles will become obsolete as ultimately PC's will link to every TV in the house.

And if splinter cell is multi, its the first time I guess. Also, yes Xbox has been strong in the xbla dept. But Sony has many great pan exclusives coming also. Yes, forza is nice but there is no denying that Sony has the edge concerning exclusives and in house development.

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WeskerChildReborned2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Don't forget Sucker punch, hopefully their will be an InFAMOUS 3 next gen.

Campy da Camper2108d ago

Strongly agree! I platd 1,2 and got all trophies in FoB. I LOVE the inFamous IP.

khan_saab2108d ago

i agree with you 100% but i must remind you to avoid troll attacks that Quantic Dream are not owned by sony, they just work with them like insomniac use to

Cueil2107d ago

Quantic Dreams used to be a open company that didn't play favorites... it was weird to see them not make PC versions of their game...

JANF2108d ago


I could not agree more...

I have a PS3 and a Xbox 360 and i get from them very different experiences.

For some reason i use more my xbox. Maybe because i'm more of a multiplayer.gamer.

moparful992108d ago

I spend over half my time online on my ps3 and i play 4-5 hours a day.. Your percieved experience may be a little biased.. They've been telling you since the begining of this life cycle that xbox live is far and away better then the psn whenever they are basically on par.. With only a handful of differences, neither of which alter the experience that much... I have both a psn and a live account and my live account has been dormant for months... It is all based on perception, for me my friends and my enjoyment are on psn, for you its live.. Doesn't make either of the superior to the other...

JackBNimble2107d ago

I find it rather strange that people think the 360 is more of a multi-player console then the PS3. I would say I play (and all of my online friends) over 95% of the time online on PSN.

And guess what?... There are only a very few games that I can't play because the are 360 exclusives. And quite a few games that MS claims are exclusive I can play and do play on my PC.

So MS exclusive list really is smaller then they would want you to believe.

JANF2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )


stuna12108d ago

I'll have what he's smoking!

It's because variety and options are a good thing.

syanara2108d ago

Microsoft showed us all a lot of third party/multiplatform stuff, Sony showed only exclusives outside of Assassins creed 3 and maybe one other game

Cueil2107d ago

different mind sets... they've always handled E3 completely differently... Microsoft generally only has 1 game that is more then a year off... maybe 2... (not counting delays) where as Sony announces several... some without a reasonable chance of coming out soon(ish). Both are just biding their time for the next gen anyway though seems like Sony would have at least half their big studios on the PS4 now

schlanz2107d ago

Wow damage control throughout this entire thread, rather than having anything positive to say about your beloved MS you make excuses for them and have to downplay everything Sony showed us.

Whether or not Sony's games don't have a release window, I'll trust history and enjoy the fact that Sony consistently gives gamers more games.

Slapshot822108d ago

They might have shown the same amount of gameplay, but what else does Xbox 360 have outside of what it showed on stage?

Sony has 60 Vita games coming in the next six months. Created an entire virtual show floor of their E3 space in PlayStation Home, and they didn't even what's potentially one of the largest upcoming releases on a home console: DUST 514.

hellvaguy2107d ago

Vita is kind of irelevant tbh, when it comes to console discussions. Its and entirely different gaming venue that I personally cant stand looking at a small screen.

Not to take anything away from the the Vita, I love the new dual analog controls, but i just cant get into those portable devices. They are basicly a very small niche segment of the population.

showtimefolks2108d ago

simple sony have 15 1st party studios

insomniac 2nd part
read at dawn 2nd party
QD a 2nd party

so that's 18 studios we know of.

all you have to do is what MS e3 for last 3 years and you will see they don't compare to sony when it comes to software. MS has gone soft on us with kinect and all this we want to be in your living room entertainment center

we helped MS be successful for first 4 years than they saw wii sales and they forgot about their core fanbse, watch them crawl back to us when they launch next gen(i am buying wii-u and ps4 not xbox720 same halo,gears and forza i mean where are the new Ip's)

but MS fanbase including me deserve a lot of blame we are just happy with MS for whatever they provide yet we hold nintendo and sony at different standards

ThatsGaming2108d ago

So Sony Santa Monica showed a new iteration of the God of War engine, Naughty Dog showed a new iteration of the Uncharted engine (Implemented in Last of Us), and Quantic Dream showed the next iteration of the Heavy Rain engine (Implemented in Beyond).

While 343 showed a new iteration of the Halo engine, Epic revealed the next iteration of the Gears of War engine, and Turn 10 revealed a new iteration of the Forza engine implemented in Forza Horizon.

The only real difference between the conferences were that MS were honest that they were iterating their game engines and Sony flogged 2 of their 3 iterations as new IPs...

New IPs do not equal innovative game experiences. This console generation is max'd. Let's move on next year to the next real innovations.

Nes_Daze2107d ago

LOL, I like you try to spin that Last of Us is a damn sequel to Uncharted...Incredible...same with Beyond, Just because it's the same engine, doesn't mean it's a sequel, it's a new IP, new storyline, new characters, new gameplay, new features, etc.

Very very different from another Halo, another Gears, and another Forza....Your logic is flawed.

DigitalAnalog2107d ago

Correction, Beyond utilized a brand new engine. DC already stated it himself.

ThatsGaming2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

@Nes_Daze... I'm not spinning. It is fact that the engines are being reused (This is natural givin there financial investments into them, and there is nothing wrong with that). The issue I have is that people seem to think just because they introduced new IPs that translates to a win... So, if MS would have called Halo 4, "The Hero" and Forza Horizon, "Open Road" they would've had new IPs that would've equaled Sony.

I am simply pointing out that new IPs does not make it better. I would've liked to see more innovative new IPs. Not just IPs based on the same game engines we have already seen this generation.

I don't care what they say about the engine for Beyond. It is still based from Heavy Rain and that as obvious. While Last of Us is more like a 0.1 (minor) upgrade to the Uncharted engine, Beyond is probably a 1.0 (major) upgrade. God of War looked like a .01 upgrade.

Halo looks like a 1.0 upgrade to the Halo engine, Forza Horizon seems to be a .1 upgrade, and Gears is a .01 upgrade.

So, game engine wise both companies are advancing at a similar pace. I don't think that making a new IP makes a win... Lair, Too Human, and Haze were all new IPs this gen... Judging from the reviewer reception and sales, new IPs don't always translate into an advantage. Probably one of the reasons that Sony created the new IPs was that sales did not meet expectations. Otherwise, why would they introduce a new IP? Notice they didn't create a new IP for God of War's engine. This is because the God of War name is very strong with gamers. Whereas Uncharted is typically only strong with people who have played the series and same with Heavy Rain.

Imalwaysright2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Oh yes and Gears has most likely 500 new iterations. Look at how many games are made with Unreal engine this generation and what is worst they all look and play alike!!! When i started playing MK i was pissed because it was the same exact gameplay, characters and story of the last 8 games i had played!! I mean Comon!!!

New engines wont bring squat to improve gameplay because with the motion capture that is done in the present, games are as realistic as they can be. We might have better animations and A.I but gameplay will essentially be the same.