Take 2 confirmed gamescom appearance - New details on GTA V?

Take 2 today confirmed his appearance on gamescom this year with possible new infos about GTA V.

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NYC_Gamer1680d ago

T2 being confirmed means nothing since GTA comes from R*

Disccordia1680d ago

I doubt it will be for GTAV as we know Rockstar seem to shy away from these things. More likely to be Bioshock and Borderlands. But wow at all the disagrees for the fact above!

alien6261680d ago

T2 never release info on rockstar games. Rockstar games only release their information on their games

nik666uk1680d ago

Disagree all u want but he's stating a FACT!! HAHAHA

extermin8or1680d ago

Take 2 don't own R* I swear... especially seeing R* is a publisher themselves these days I swear? :S I thought Take 2 just owned some/most of the GTA rights? confused now :p

ReadyBodyReggie1680d ago

Is Rockstar even relevant anymore? After the abysmal L.A. noir and Max Payne 3, are people really interested in giving them more money for terrible games? I won't.

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CashColeTrain13371680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Exactly, T2 is probably just the presence of 2k to be there. Rockstar never goes to these events.

Kinect1680d ago

cos R* is mother f*kn BOSS

dro4081675d ago

wooow haha shows how much you know T2 is the parent company for 2k sports and rockstar!
haha do some research

davidmccue1680d ago

Here's the full list of developers confirmed so far for GamesCom 2012:

Capcom, Crytek, Namco Bandai, Perfect World, Rondomedia, Sony Computer Entertainment, Turtle Entertainment, World Cyber Games, Electronic Arts, Deep Silver/ Koch Media, Konami, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Bethesda Softworks, Bigpoint, Gameforge, NCsoft, Trion Worlds, Nexon,, Red5 Studios, Riot Games, Razer, Roccat, Bigben Interactive and Gaya Entertainment.

Blacktric1680d ago

"Sony Computer Entertainment"

I thought they were still thinking about having a presence at Gamescom. I do hope they have a conference though...

Disccordia1680d ago

Sony confirmed they'd be there. Not sure if they are having a keynote or not though

extermin8or1680d ago

they are having a keynote I believe they confirmed it when they confirmed their attendance; be stupid not to really- hell they could devote the entire thing to the vita to try make up for E3's next to no vita... :p

SeekDev1680d ago

I'd love a conference for the Vita, but have a separate conference for the PS3. That way we get maximum Viat time, and maximum PS3 time. Games!

Double_Oh_Snap1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

People do realize Take Two endorses other properties right?
You know like Borderlands 2 in september, and XCOM in october.

Don't get me wrong I would die for some GTA V news, I just don't see it happening.

user77927881680d ago

Bioshock Infinite delayed, nuff said.

PinkPartyPony1680d ago

Anyone who thinks GTA 5 will release this year is stupid.

No gameplay, No previews, No hype.

Did GTA 4 release this way? No.

Bioshock Infinite on the other hand has been hyped up for the last year. Why take away attention from BI, and lose money?
It makes no since, and neither Rockstar, nor Take 2 are stupid.

AngelicIceDiamond1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Take 2 at Gamescon? Yep, GTA V is coming out next year.

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The story is too old to be commented.