Tiberium = EA Love Halo A Little Too Much?

No, not the game. None of us here at Kotaku have played it (or seen gameplay footage, thanks). Besides, it's a squad-based shooter, so it'll have a lot more in common with GRAW and Republic Commando than Bungie's flagship series. But this trailer? Very familiar. Where have you seen that opening minute-and-a-half sequence before? Oh yeah. Here.

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dachiefsman3717d ago

i guess I fail to see the similarities?

Humans fighting aliens.....well in the future what the hell are you going to fight...gingivitis???

I thought the Tiberium trailer was good.

InMyOpinion3717d ago

I don't see the problem really. If it's anything like Halo it will probably be good.

WilliamRLBaker3717d ago

because we all know before halo their we're never any kick ass cinematics in games of a guy putin a helmet on...ect

Dareaver13717d ago

i think kotaku just printed that to increase hits from fanboys. Low tactic seeing that it's barely like Halo 2.

iceman29293717d ago

i personnaly thought that the begining was alot more like the begining of the HALO 3 trailier , showing the desolate landscape and ruins and whatnot

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