IBM, Activision Blizzard latest heavyweights to oppose Xbox import ban requested by Google

Interesting statements on public interest considerations keep showing up on the ITC document system. The two latest submissions were made by IBM and Activision Blizzard, both of which oppose the Xbox 360 import ban Google (Motorola) is pursuing.

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Snookies122169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Hah! Of course they would... Call of Duty is primarily played on that system... Wouldn't want to lose their precious sales, now would they? I seriously doubt it's just because it's "wrong".

LightofDarkness2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

"Wouldn't want to lose their precious sales, now would they?"

I'm getting the impression you think there's something wrong or ulterior here?

Totes man, curse these for-profit organizations and their love of profits! /s

I don't see anything wrong with a 3rd party wanting to limit the damage they might incur from a petty patent dispute, between one party they rely on and another, who have chosen to pursue yet another childish patent suit.

adorie2169d ago

Funny you say that, ms is always hovering on the opposite side of a Google related patent dispute. Most tech companies are locked up in patent disputes right now,as well.

I hope MS loses this one, they need to enjoy some humility.

joab7772168d ago

Me either. And why doesn't Microsoft just pay up like everyone else. I can't imagine a ban is a possibility. Or appeal and stretch it out 5 years until the 360 is obsolete. But yeah profits are good for everyone.

Prince_Dim-Lu2169d ago

What's wrong with them not wanting to lose money?

mugoldeneagle032169d ago

And more to do with Activision losing money

SilentNegotiator2169d ago

Nothing. But I mean, it IS obvious why. Some of Xbox LIVE's funds even get directed straight to them. They'd probably be half as strong if Xbox disappeared from NA.

WeskerChildReborned2169d ago

Yep, they probably just care about that money and if it did get banned, they would probably make PS3 their leading console.

BubloZX2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Obama : okay Activison I'll agree to not go through with the ban on one condition.
Activison: cool! what's that?
Obama: you must agree to pay half of whatever fees Motorola and Microsoft agree upon. Do we have a deal?
Activison: *pats Microsoft's back* well I'll be with you in spirit my friend! Best of luck to you. Think I'm going to pay my old friends Sony and Nintendo a visit. :3

SilentNegotiator2169d ago

I wasn't aware that the president had any word in a matter like this....

BubloZX2169d ago


Motorola already won the court case but apparently Obama has to sign off on this for then ban to go into affect.

SilentNegotiator2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Well that's crap. Why should the executive branch be involved in the process? And now that I've looked over the process, why involve a judge at all???!?? You may as well have some sort of internal judge in the ITC if all you're going to do is take the judge's decision under consideration. And then for the executive branch to make the final call? WUT?

What stupidity. That process makes so little sense.

The judge and ITC only have veto power, and then it's passed off to the executive branch? No, no, no, don't give a trade power straight to the executive like that. That is absolutely nonsensical. If you're going to do that, then it needs to go to congress (at least first), not the executive.

Sigh....politics and government...

BitbyDeath2168d ago

Lol Bubz for the laugh BubloZX

Dakidog2168d ago


I don't see the difference between it going to w/e branch lol, but if it helps...It's the Executives branches job to decide to enforce it or not, it's not like it didn't go through the Judicial system first. The checks and balances system works fine(when the entire government isn't corrupt). I don't think it's at Obama's desk yet btw...but to the ITC board of commissioners.

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zeal0us2168d ago

I wonder if the 360 did get ban would Activision start catering to the PS3&PC audience more?

Forbidden_Darkness2168d ago

You are quite aware that this wont effect consoles already sold right? And thus, Activision will still see just as strong of sales on the 360 as it always has. It might lose new console owner sales on the 360, but it'll still sell more i'm sure and at this point, MS will have their next Xbox out within a year or two, so it wont be that bad.

dcbronco2168d ago

It's really going to get funny when MS gets all Motorola phones banned. They won a similar case against Motorola. And since Motorola is a struggling company, how long before they go out of business or have to reach an agreement. Acting this way might get then in bankruptcy court.

I think it might be better for Motorola to just excuses each others mistakes and move on. After all, MS could just announce the 720 and move on. Motorola is kinda stuck. Plus MS could really stick it to them and introduce a 360 based cablebox and crush what little income they still have.

BitbyDeath2168d ago

Google bought Motorola out so money will not be a problem for them.

dcbronco2168d ago

Thanks for the info. I missed that. Money may not be a problem. But it will still have to be settled. They have each other in the same predicament.

gaffyh2168d ago

It doesn't even matter if it gets banned, Microsoft could simply jump the gun on the next gen, and this lawsuit will probably fall in line with the launch of the next gen anyway.

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aviator1892169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

I highly doubt that any publisher or media company would want to see any major console banned, especially if the publisher has games already in development for the respective console and in a huge market such as the United States. More consoles leads to more revenue and more customers to influence with their services and products.

joeorc2168d ago

LG wins PS3 import ban in Europe
February 28, 2011 12:10PM PST

where was Activision's out reach for Sony?

"Activision said in a submission to the US International Trade Commission that, as "one of the United States' largest video game publishers", it "has expended and continues to expend significant resources to develop video games and accessories specially adapted to operate on Microsoft's Xbox gaming console"

zeal0us2168d ago

Sony didn't throw any $$$ Activision's way like MS did.

M2-2169d ago

lol Motorola tried to do this with the PS3 in Europe too.

Solid_Snake372169d ago

What the hell is motorolas problem? Why are they doing this?

M2-2169d ago

Whoops! It was actually LG who requested an import ban of the PS3 in Europe not Motorola, LG won a 10 day ban.

I apologize for my mistake.

_Aarix_2169d ago

wow really, they tried to ban the xbox and I heard nothing but bad things like "whoo! they deserve it" "I hope they get banned" But ONE talk about sony and its "What the hell is motorolas problem?" WTF!

Solid_Snake372168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

@_Aarix_ No bro, i didnt mean why they are doing this to the ps3. I meant why are they on a console banning streak. What is their problem?

betrayed gamer2169d ago

ok so let me get this right motorola was overcharging ms. ms said no and did what they wanted so motorola took them to court to get their system banned? how come i see this as a load?

Anon19742169d ago

Not quite how I understood it. Microsoft has been paying Motorola their fees for years, but suddenly decided it was too much and stopped. Kinda like saying "Sure I'm been renting the apartment for years, and I still live here but I'm not paying any rent anymore because suddenly I think it's too high."

So far some courts have agreed but they're still working through it. Motorola proved in court that their royalties were in keeping with similar royalties across the industry. The judge commented that this all boiled down to "arrogant" and profit-driven business manoeuvres.

So how do you force a company like Microsoft to do something they don't want to? You go to the courts and say, "Pay up or you're out." What else are they supposed to do? Just let Microsoft bully them into paying whatever Microsoft feels like paying for technology they don't own?

dcbronco2168d ago

Can't argue with you there. I would just say since they lost a suit with MS that could ban all of their phones, I would figure out a compromise.

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