Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: Some new details

At the Jimmy Fallon show, Eric Hirshbergs announced some new features for Black Ops 2. Zombies? Anyone?

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joab7771956d ago

Am I the only one who realizes that none of this is new. We knew about strike force and that it would b different depending on whether we win or lose. We knew about going into any soldier or equipment or pulling back for strategy and we knew about zombies. Here's more new info. The zombies is gonna be bigger and better and part of multi player screen. Also, muliplayer may be changing its system to points so you can have more customization and focus on choosing what u want.

Also, did anyone get the feeling that fallon wanted muliplayer and not strike force? Let's hope we see medal of honor, which looks to be really good and pretty. Though I give treyarch credit for change and for the wealth of content there appears to be. Maybe this will freshen things up. I just wish it looked a little better.