Gran Turismo 5: racing 24 Hours of Le Mans for real. “Ten hours in… this is hell”.

Our man Phil goes mad in Gran Turismo 5 and races 24 Hours of Le Mans for real. By himself. Honestly he really does go mad, the voices told him. Actual voices, we're not joking here.

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kneon2140d ago

That's just nuts, the longest I've gone non-stop is about 6 hours on the Nurburgring, it was fantastic, but thoroughly draining.

Has anyone every completed Le Mans on their own in real life? I know Pierre Levegh managed 23 hours before messing up due to fatigue.

chukamachine2140d ago

Even the 40lap race at nurburgring is draining enough,lol. I saved a few times during pitstops.

Tzuno2140d ago

yeah cool cars in a exaggerated game like Forza 4 i don't see the beauty of driving 45-50 laps in the same circuit learn from Test drive where you enjoy your ride when you drive.

rdgneoz32140d ago

Holy punctuation, Batman!

hiredhelp2140d ago

@Tzunoy thats a ridiculas statement if test drive is your game you want to compare to that then GT or even forza is not for you.

Forza_is_King2140d ago

"learn from Test drive where you enjoy your ride when you drive."

Like in Forza Horizon?

CoryHG2140d ago

I don't think anyone here realizes that the same driver doesn't drive for 24 hours in these races, they have a team of 3-4 drivers, but it did use to be 2.

SonyStyled2140d ago

not me! im a hardcore race fan. i was at this years indy 500 :)

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