Gears of War: Judgment is so hard, they had to change the controls

"Normal, Hardcore and Insane are going to be significantly more challenging," Epic's Rod Fergusson has told OXM.

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dirigiblebill1952d ago

Couldn't they have kept the D-pad select and just added a hotkey option?

Double_Oh_Snap1952d ago

I'm gonna miss d-pad to select. It sounds off putting when you read it. I do wonder what a crazy fast paced locust everywhere gears game would be like.

MilkMan1952d ago

This is a real..ZZZzzzz

LAZL0-Panaflex1952d ago

People can fly is already killing gears.

user54670071952d ago

Change the controls...WTF

The Gears controls were fine, why try and fix something which isn't broken.

ddelella1952d ago

1. Fixing the spawning scheme...finally. They say it isn't broken in GoW3 but when enemies spawn right next to me with a 5 second protection I call BS

2. The controls are fine. Don't fix them if it ain't broke. The biggest question based on the changes is what happens to my third weapon? Right now I can carry two primary and a pistol. If Y switches weapons (like many FPS) it would likely mean only a primary and secondary weapon or you would have to cycle through weapons to get to a third. The amount of weapons would be the biggest change to get used too because some weapons don't make good primaries (sniper, boom shot, etc.) because of low ammo, slow loading, and lack of ammo found on the maps.

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